A Matter of Trust.
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  1. Rescued, because it’s the right thing
    to do and Seth is linked to our Empress.
    The two don’t really know
    what they have unleashed in the Bunnies.
    They will soon learn.

  2. “Why did you go to all the trouble to rescue us?”
    Mostly because the Empress has a psychic connection to him
    which was threatening her sanity. AND it was the right thing to do.
    Sometimes (not often) the universe allows everyone to profit.
    (Be careful looking in horses’ mouths.)

    • They can’t tell Diana that, but once they are back home and able
      to meet Teresa, she’ll decide whether or not to tell her, I’m quite
      sure Seth will know Teresa within seconds. This is the biggest
      issue the Empire faces, no one believes there’s no strings attached.

  3. That poor girl, barely of age to have children and already as cynical as a 40 y/o.
    Don’t fret darlin’ these people won’t force you to work, they give you the
    opportunity to work for YOURSELF! And the choice to help the Empire in the

    PC you dog! Bill and I have been talking about that ship and you go and give
    us a close up?!? 😛 It does bare a very close resemblance to the proposed design
    for the warp ship those RL scientists have been displaying. Nothing like the ST
    Enterprise warp ship, too short and slimmer ring profile. That looks more like
    a P’teran LR Scout with a much bigger drive section. Plus the nacelles and rings.

  4. StripeCoat

    Why indeed, because the Empire hates slavery and that is
    what Seth and his sister were being treated as.

    I think it is a staged scenerio;
    EASY; The existing invasion force but with upgraded weapons
    and systems compared to what is expected. Logical purpose to invade the
    rabbits home and strip-mine the planet. The upgraded weapons and systems the
    Empires best guess at the new/refurbished war fleet of the core.
    DIFFICULT; the current force is passing through the system; to be followed
    by a much stronger force which appears as the captain deals with the current force.
    Logical purpose to invade the Dogishun (have I got that name right?) system.
    IMPOSSIBLE; A third wave of ships appear via FTL. Logical purpose to start the
    hot war with the Empire by invading Catia
    UNLIKELY; my cascade failure of the ship’s system while they are distracted with current fleet.
    THE RED HERRING; any of the above, but it isn’t a simulation.

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