Tabitha takes her role seriously.
As for Miral...
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  1. President Elect B Woodman

    WHAT!!! W-T-F!!! Little missy putrid princess Sushi DIDN’T just go there!?
    Bryan is the one without honor!?
    Ohhhhh, I can see this comingqqqq……
    Miral, “YOU! Little missy putrid princess! YOU have insulted MY name, MY honor, MY culture, and MY friend! I demand satisfaction! A dual! To the pain! No replacements! You and me! You may bring seconds, to carry your body off the field of honor. One hour. In the (pssst – PeterCat, pick a suitable location that won’t get them in trouble with the Empire) One hour. That will give you time enough to notify your father. Be there, or be shamed as a coward with a large mouth and a small brain”.

    • Sleel

      Nah. She deserves to be given a choice. A duel to the death, or run like the honourless, feckless piece of dribbling shit she is, back to Japan. And let THEM deal with her. And don’t make it a secret why she’s returned. Let her shame cling to her like the miasma from festering sewage. It suits her.

      Honourless for being an enemy soldier. Shows quite clearly who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word. Just like China today, she wouldn’t recognize honour if it walked up to her and bitch slapped her with rings on.

      • President Elect B Woodman

        I am SO stealing that, “bitch slapped with rings on”.

  2. President Elect B Woodman

    (snicker) The newlyweds get the Admiral’s gig. Plush, indeed!
    While the Empress-in-training gets ordinary passenger and cargo shuttles.
    Ahhhh, well, all in a good cause.
    And Teresa is not one with an inflated ego. So it’s all good.

    • robnot

      i would think Teresa insisted…

    • Jan

      The fact that their ‘parties’ are of somewhat different sizes – 2 versus at least 5 could also be a factor…

      • Not to mention all the bodyguards.

        • Jan

          That too…

  3. Even if their emperor orders them to surrender? It’s been less than eighty years. She should remember.

    • Jan

      Youngsters sometimes has a distorted view of the realities. Hmm, how would SHE react if in the exact same situation?

  4. Remember, folks, Shimizu is from Okinawa, site of the fiercest fighting in all of WWII. The total death toll was beyond appalling! At that time Japanese troops absolutely DID NOT SURRENDER! Officially, the CIVILIAN death toll was over 140,000 out of 300,000. Thousands of Okinawan civilians committed suicide rather than face the reprisals and atrocities IJA troops and command assured them would be carried out by victorious Allied troops.

    From Shimizu’s attitude I suspect that bushido (the ancient cult of the code of the warrior) is making a strong comeback in post-apocalypse Japan. Never the less I still think Papa-san is going to be less than pleased with baby girl shooting off her mouth. Japanese are taught to be discrete in public.

    I don’t know if code duello is in effect in the Empire. So far as I know it simply hasn’t come up. I would not be surprised if it were. The Empire has a minimalist legal system and would, in my opinion, be unlikely to interfere officially in what goes on between two consenting adults. Petercat has shown a healthy Heinleinian bend in the past and Mr Anson definitely believed in it. One of RAH’s maxims was “An armed society is a polite society.” That would only obtain in a society where public acts of boorishnes could see you either publicly apologizing for your public lack of manners or winding up on the sands defending yourself. Just imagine all the “karens” last year who would have had to face such a choice. In a civilized society we would not have to put up with such bullshit.

    • Oops, forgot to post a link tto the excellent Wikipedia article on the Battle of Okinawa. Here it is:

    • President Elect B Woodman

      “An armed society is a polite society” from “Beyond This Horizon”

      And it’s opposite counterpart, “Friday”, when Dr Baldwin tells Friday how to tell when a civilization is in decline (sorry, I don’t have my copy in front of me to quote)

      • Whoever did the cover art for Friday must have used Raquel Welch for a model.

  5. Note to Catman:
    1) Please check my DA page. Pics of the Discovery’s bridge up. (Everyone else is, as always, welcome to drop in, too.)
    2) Please resend the Miral figurine so I can try to figure out the problem there.

    • The Miral figurine is too large for email. Can your computer read SD cards? I’m beginning to think that I’ll
      have to mail you one. Please send me your address, again.

  6. There will be a new vote incentive soon – the panel 8, Miral’s reaction, that I didn’t use.
    It’s up on my Patreon now.

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