The Wish and the Warning
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  1. Looks Like Tenshi’s wishful thinking is going to come true. Good for all.
    I wonder what Ket’rrt’s reaction will be? Surprise, yes, but possibly anger?

    • StripeCoat

      It was Zasha that voiced the wish but it is obvious Tenshi had it first.
      And we know it did come true.

  2. Glad to find out what Tenshi said and how her interaction with Carl affected her. Sometimes fairy tales do come true. I’d like to think so anyhow.

    Looking forward to the next installment of “Ariste comes clean – and plants a seed.”
    Unfortunately, I don’t believe that the prospect of leaving Catia a barren wasteland
    would serve as much of a deterrent to the horned folk and other main core worlds.
    If anything a devastated Catia would serve as a chilling object lesson to show
    exactly what fate awaits any that develops “delusions of grandeur”.
    Where the Empire builds.relationships based upon mutual respect and
    benefit, individuals and cultures such as the main wore worlds build
    “relationships” based solely upon fear and exploitation.
    Unfortunately, all too often, such policies tend to be effective – at least
    so long as the would-be oppressor holds the whip hand. I’m not sure
    they do now. At the very least Ariste has planted a seed for Ket’rrt to
    plant in his queen’s heart and mind. Story’s getting good, Catman.
    Looking forward to the next installment.
    (I tried chopping off the lines per PC’s suggestion. Did it work?)

    • StripeCoat

      All too true given the reputation of the core; but a lot depends on
      how the core and the queen react to Ket’rrt providing the information.
      I don’t think it is as the empire has their production on a war footing
      ever since their moon shot, but the core and queen are likely to assume
      the empire only has one fleet and the rest is bluff to make them think the
      cats (and the empire) have much more.

  3. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    “War to the knife, and knife to the hilt”.
    Thank you Mike V (Sipsey Street Irregulars)
    for those words to live by.

    • me

      There’s a nice essay about an escalating feud between neighbors.
      (I don’t think there’s an English translation).

      Starts with one side not returning a frying pan and escalating quickly.
      It ends with one of the families launching a nuclear strike on the other

      “Natürlich sind wir nun alle tot, die Straße ist hin und wo unsre Stadt früher
      stand, breitet sich jetzt ein graubrauner Fleck aus.
      Aber eins muß man sagen, wir haben das Unsre getan, schließlich kann
      man sich nicht alles gefallen lassen.
      Die Nachbarn tanzen einem sonst auf der Nase herum.”

      Rough translation: “Well, of course we’re all dead now, the street is gone
      and there’s one big grey-brown smear where our city used to be.

      But I have to say, we did what we had to, you have to make a stand.
      Or else the neighbors will walk all over you.”

  4. StripeCoat

    This is the first time PC has given us a clear indication of what ships the
    Wolf Empire actually has; four major fleets. My guess of how they are deployed is as follows.

    First Fleet; Protection of the Earth and solar system, with emphasis on
    guarding the wormhole to Catia. At this point the wormhole to the Dragon
    worlds is unknown. (If the Dragons can teleport in and out then there
    might not even be a permanent one.)

    Second Fleet; protecting other wolf empire worlds, particularly the Dogashauns
    since they are at the most risk. However Catia is excluded.

    Third Fleet; Protecting Catia and providing contract escort to the empire trading vessels.
    Which is where most of the third fleet actually is.

    Fourth Fleet; The attack fleet of the Wolf Empire – specifically designed to carry out
    attacks like my post at the previous strip. At the moment training in the Earth solar system.

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