Sure is dark in here...
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  1. A box of rocks leading bags of stones. The king is a bit overwhelmed,
    I do believe. Especially with the news about Roxy’s abilities.

  2. JasonAW3

    I suspect, shortly, you won’t “see a damned thing” ever again…

    I have a feeling he knows more about Roxy than the Catians do

    • JasonAW3

      Than the Catians do… (Tricking autocorrect!)

    • oh boy,,. just reread,. .. ‘knows Roxy’..
      just guessing here.!
      she said “uncle Menga.”.. who else has ‘silver’ fur..?

  3. President Elect B Woodman

    Just who ARE these LARPers, that don’t know a thing about basic tactics?
    I was a non-infantry POG (Person Other than Grunt), and even I know better.
    What Paul said (above), rocks and stones.
    Too many assumptions, too little intel, gets people killed.
    Too dark? Can’t see a thing? Three ways to handle that.
    And you don’t have what you need for two of them, otherwise you’d have
    already done them. (flare tossed into the room) (night vision/thermal NODs)
    Other one? “Light up and sweep” the room. But that’s a last gasp, dying
    breath move. Why? As soon as you open fire, the muzzle flash and entry
    lights pin point you for return fire.
    (probably more, but I’m not infantry trained, remember?)

    • All will become clear, but it will take a while.

      • President Elect B Woodman

        Right now it’s as clear a Mississippi mud.

    • iain Na Hearadh

      Dear President Elect B Woodman (Woody),

      Long before they graduate to Box of Rocks status, note that courtesy
      of Petercat, be it intended or otherwise, we have no noted discipline.
      Three of the Larpers are standing in an inner doorway, shielded by a
      cloth curtain, talking in a conversational voice.
      One genius has his finger on the trigger, not the guard.

      All three are in crossfire positions and could not safely returning
      meaningfully suppression fire if engaged. Much less, see what they
      would be engaging.

      With the possible exception of Blondie, the other three have no weapons
      control, and from what has been demonstrated so far, none of them have
      any sense of basic tactics, much less basic survival.

      This speaks volumes as to who hired them, if they think these Klowns
      are indeed the Kool Killin machines they pretend to.

      As for any pretense to Infantry, be it Light, Heavy or Special, these
      clowns never would have cleared Basic, because they would have failed
      the first range day, on safe handling alone.

  4. Pure speculation: Imperial Intel has already seized the other six android
    shells, and thus almost certainly the facilities they were using. The
    mastermind behind this has to know, and the smartest thing to do would
    be to cut bait and cover tracks, not send third-rate thugs to try to
    retrieve the activated units and eliminate the two we know are in custody.
    Maybe they ARE, and these mooks are working for someone else, lower on
    the totem pole at Evil Inc, who know they are in the Expendable Levels in
    the organization and have been cut adrift, and are foolishly trying to
    salvage what they can, as they see it. These are probably the best mooks
    they could get on short notice.

    • iain Na Hearadh


      Alternatively, more speculation.
      The Intel from Evil Incorporated isn’t that good, or is far from complete
      or informative. The two clowns are quietly “supervised” where they go,
      and were noted where they shouldn’t be. As was Evil Inc.’s ™ “Dolls”.

      As for the “Doll” factory going dark, that would depend on what the
      contact cycle is for any more internal moles. If the “Doll” house has
      been locked down, and all staff isolated, then the only conclusion
      that could reasonably be drawn is the two clowns are compromised,
      but are now expendable. The unknown for Evil Inc. ™ is just how
      much of their operation has leaked, and also where they can now
      find good Intel.

      As for the Mooks, this would be a classical cleanup scenario, based
      on the assumption that the clowns haven’t given anything of any value
      away, and the Mooks can resolve the problem.
      Although the Mooks would also clearly make a mess in the process, the
      assumption here is all attention would turn to the Mooks, while Evil
      Inc. ™ slithers away into the shadows, living to fight another

      Also, any and all variations on the above not considered.

      This is based on the fact that Mooks were sent in the first place,
      which if Evil Inc. ™ knew the entire circumstances, and just
      how bad things actually are, wouldn’t even have been considered.

  5. New vote incentive soon, the lady’s back is hurting.
    Already on my Patreon: (There are two new)
    And thank you, new patron David! Appreciate the help.
    My patreon is now paying all expenses of this webcomic. YAY!

  6. Testing a login for Pbird from MotusA.D. (This is Petercat)

  7. Trying again.

  8. Dastardly Dan

    Comments on Patreon posts:
    1) Theresa looks good, but maybe shorten the bangs?
    2) Not an ad, but the way she’s holding that sword might counteract the effects of the medication!

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