Tammy = TGW-752 Love who you will, friends back friends.
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  1. Sam

    This will be an interesting explanation.

    Is that a severe swerve, or . . . ?

    Stay tuned on Monday. Same Cat-time, Same Cat-channel.

  2. The plot thickens… I’ll never understand why “Chads” think they
    can “fix” lesbians by raping them, anyone with half a brain would
    know it only adds to the reasons! Foolish male pride raises it’s
    again… I feel Riley is about to say what was talked about last strip
    that Alex refused a hand-out, time for the ladies to make it a wedding

    Anyway at least the pilot called out, not that anyone had time to
    react to the call-out! They were all sitting, which helps. No TOS
    ST room running! Heh. I guess we’ll see how good the grav drives
    at making 90 degree turns. No missile can match that rapid of
    vector changes without Grav drives. Drawing a square or any
    trapezoid in space would crash their tracking control. The missile
    would end up making circles until it ran out of fuel.

    • That used to be a (disgusting) thing.
      “If she had sex with a real man, she’d give up women!”
      But there have always been idiots among us.

      • Yeah I know… Usually by guys who think (wrongly) they are that “real man”.
        A real man is the one that changes diapers, buys tampons for his wife, and
        never has to prove “their manhood”. It’s usually the most insecure bullies
        that comes up with that BS. Disgusting and pitiful is right.

      • Sleel

        Yeah. And don’t even for a second think the reverse isn’t true.
        I’ve been hit on by far more than one gay guy saying I was
        straight cause I just hadn’t tried it yet. As if they knew my
        past, and what had been forced on me.

        • I’ve used it in this comic before:
          “You don’t know what you’re missing!”
          “Then we can hardly miss it, can we?”

          • There are plenty of creatures in RL that doing it
            because they have to, not because they want to.
            In my opinion, sex without love is just masturbation.
            No need to involve anyone else.

        • Yeah I had that come up more than once in my time, usually
          when I’d go swimming or it was a hot day…
          One of the few perks about being old is it stops happening

      • me

        There’s still too many “men” who consider women inferior,
        more like some kind of property than as persons.

        I do think it’s getting better, ever so slowly.

        • Yeah that’s the definition of a “Chad”, they are a dieing breed, but
          not fast enough. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve gotten into
          fights with guys like that because I’m “horning in on their territory”
          The last one I dealt with was when I worked at Wal-mart, he got
          into my face about “stealing his girls” simply because I was a 50+
          man that was happily married and safe to talk to.

  3. Kiddeagle – sent you an email.

  4. JasonAW3I am so

    In the case of simply ‘giving’ Alex the sword, it’s more a matter of honor.
    A blade, described as it has been, has a history that must be honored.
    To do any less, dishonored the blade, those who possessed it before, and
    the one who forged the blade. It must be either earned by the future weilder,
    or given as a matter of honor, as part of a life altering event.

    • I agree that sword has history and should only be earned by someone
      with honor and integrity. Someone who fights for what’s right, defends
      the weak, and fights to win.
      Now look at Alex, what he has done in the short time we’ve known him,
      plus what Tracy has said and his history of defending his sister and other
      people in that neighborhood, and I have no doubt he will continue to do
      so during his military career. No it’s not as flashy as the last owner, but
      stands for all you’ve said. Does he have to become a general to earn it?
      If it’s just about money then you missed your own point. Keep in mind that
      previous owner took it from the man he defeated and used it to keep fighting.
      Do you think Alex would do no less?

  5. According to 1099-3 it was Alex who refused the sword. He was the one who
    believed he couldn’t afford it. Alex is too proud to accept the sword as a gift
    and I don’t believe he would accept it in recognition of past deeds. He would
    consider all the things Tracey brought up to be merely doing the right thing.

  6. Gary (Kajm at DA)

    So! Where did you find a used Star Trek tilt-a-set for that fourth panel?

  7. Licensing – when the government takes away your rights then sells them back to you.

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