Survival Technique.
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  1. JasonAW3

    The.. Pig joke… Almost, but not quite as bad as a dad joke…

    • Hey now ain’t nuthin’ wrong witda dad jokes now 😛

      Ah sorry been talking to the in-laws here LOL. Don’t
      take away my favorite means of generating groans,
      moans, and eye-rolls from family members. Nothing
      funny than to hear my son yell out: “DAD! STOP!”

      • Hey, what else are parents for if not to embarrass their kids?
        It’s the unwritten law.
        That’s like the couple that was fighting and
        were out for a drive.
        They saw some farm animals and the husband “your relatives
        and wife says yup in-laws.

        • Sounds like the wife and I, she has 4 brothers and 2 sisters
          from 2 dads. Then add in 2 more step brothers and a step
          sister. When we were married I was the rich son-in-law just
          because I had a job (at the time) that paid $25k a year.
          I loved that area though, I grew up stuck between a major
          town, 4 smaller towns, and a smattering of suburbs. it was
          nice to hear insect noises rather than the night song of
          gun shots, loud arguments, tires screeching, so on… you
          get the idea.

  2. Damn Cissy, I scored top 10 on the ASVAB test 2 years on
    in high school and that wasn’t easy! (to put it nicely) She
    HAS to get out of there, the Imperial navy NEEDS her!

    I figured it’d take a dry dock visit to fix the Pride, which
    takes us to the Queen/Taritha conversation. I can’t help
    but wonder how the Queen is going to take the news of
    the illegal attacks on the Pride and the Ambassadors on

    (The thoughts in my head)
    “Boss! this camel can’t take anymore, look at it’s legs, and
    it’s back is drooping!!!” “One more bundle of straw won’t
    make a difference! Now do it!” (scene deleted due to
    the graphic nature)

    • And the minion still gets blamed for the failure..

      • Like PC I like to put a spin on an old saying 😉

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