Do as you're told... Empress.Do as you're told... Empress.
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  1. I was going to say, no more politics, but dammit, they stole my idea!
    I first suggested this plan (eh, mostly. The taxpayer should pay for NOTHING!)
    back in 2015 after Trump got elected:
    Make illegals deport themselves.

    • It was a good idea, and if certain people didn’t want the extra voters,
      is should have been kept up. I’m quite sure things are going to change
      very soon for those whiny pains in the arse very soon. I just hope laws
      are made to prevent using the courts like they have been, I seen some
      promising comments by a dem about that. Yeah I know, he wasn’t a far L.

      • My plan was:
        All financial aid for people here illegally stops now.
        Any entity which provides aid after today will receive no Federal money.
        You have sixty days to leave.
        Those who leave will be placed second on a list to return if you are good.
        Behind those already in line to enter legally,
        or who apply to enter without ever having been here illegally.
        Anyone caught here after sixty days will be jailed for one year,
        then deported and never allowed to legally return.
        Anyone who returns illegally will serve five years. In prison.
        North of the Arctic circle.
        No, Conservatives are NOT anti-immigrant.
        Yes, we want and need immigrants who will respect all of our laws.

        • Or you could just put everybody who isn’t a citizen or have a
          valid green card or visa to the wall. Put it on the evening news.
          I figure the self-deportation would pick up steam real quick!

          • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

            Maybe not “to the wall”.
            But a trebuchet would also make
            a fine self deportation example.

            • Oklahoma made an effort at this when they passed a very strict
              document verification law. Greyhound had to put on extra busses
              to carry out all the undocumented types. And then, of course, a
              federal judge told them they couldn’t do it, and it all fell apart.

        • i would add,.
          “Refugees” must give up country allegiance.!!
          you left for a reason.!
          you can’t build your old country here..

    • Dreamfox

      My perception and knowledge might be wrong, so correct me if I’m
      wrong about something.
      Isn’t it also the problem that these illegals are being employed illegally?
      Below minimum wage?
      Last I heard many businesses in the USA would go bankrupt without
      these illegals or at least make a lot less profit? Which would impact the
      economy and of course taxes.

      I don’t see that problem being addressed in that proposal. Funny thing
      is I never heard it being addressed whenever this is discussed in the USA.
      If no one employed them illegally, fewer would come, right?

      Of course, if someone wants to inflate the already insane numbers of people
      incarcerated in the USA and the below minimum wage workforce it creates,
      taking more jobs away from US citizens working on the taxpayer’s money?
      This proposal sounds about right to me.
      Let’s not forget that some of those people could find life in US prisons,
      as bad as it is preferable to the living conditions they have at home.

      Like I said, I might have gotten things wrong not living in the USA and
      not having all the details.

      • That would have to be the second prong,
        knowingly doing business with anyone
        here illegally would be punished according to law.
        Employing, renting to, selling to… Anything.
        Laws would have to be enforced, of course.
        References from citizens would weigh heavily
        on someone’s odds of getting a green card.
        I can think of several illegals that
        I would gladly sponsor, in fact.
        I’d like to have them here…
        But only if they respect our laws.

      • As far as prisons go, I prefer our system where I
        can not be convicted of a crime for… speaking.
        Unlike in Europe. I can’t find the reference,
        but for example, the woman who pointed out on
        social media that the man who raped a fourteen
        year old girl was a Muslim got more time in jail
        for “hate speech” than the Muslim got for rape.
        Now that’s insane!
        It is also cultural suicide.
        I hope Europeans enjoy living under Sharia law,
        because that is where they’re headed.

      • The Red Gold factory I worked at would hire “migrant workers”
        every year for harvest, and had a string of single room motel-
        style rentals for some of them, but each room would have as
        many as 8 to 14 people come out of each room before shift
        change, and a whole different group filing in after shift change.
        NONE of them spoke English, and would get very angry is you
        tried to look in those windows from the parking lot they were
        next to. As far as any taxes collected from these people go,
        most of them would send their money to their families, so
        no gain for any of us, Just their counties that they came from.
        I knew a guy from a warehouse job that was a legal migrant
        and he explained to me what they were doing, While he was
        doing the same he went through the process and got a work
        visa and paid taxes, the ones at RG was not, they were paid
        in cash. When I tried to ask a few questions around, my boss
        told me to butt out or start looking for another job…

      • It has long been said that the subject of illegal immigration is one
        of those on which both sides will betray the common American.
        The Democrats will, because they see it as their long-term plan
        on majority rule. And the Republicans will, because they see it
        as a source of inexpensive labor. Now, an important point.
        Illegals are not necessarily working for below minimum wage.
        In fact, in many cases, they’re making good money. But just
        the fact that there are enough of them to skew wages is important.
        If they weren’t in the labor market, Americans would have to do
        those jobs. Would they, for the available pay? Would wages rise
        due to labor shortages? Would labor shortages drive more
        employment off-shore? These are questions that plague the
        political discourse in America.

  2. Hmmm… A group of kids and/or young adults in hiding? I hope
    they don’t make a mess of things, the most help you’ll get is
    right there!!

    Heheh… Sgt. Birov is smiling again, are we going to get to
    see the result of the vomit/diarrhea agents? Tsk, tsk, Teresa,
    you should know better in a combat situation! Ah well, she’s
    just out of practice.

    • He’s grinning at the thought of anyone trying hand hold a .50 cal. Or a mortar…

      • I’ve never fired anything full auto but I hear the recoil from a .50cal is huge.
        One of my cousins has a Desert Eagle in .50AE and he says his wrist is sore
        for days after just a few rounds. I cannot imagine what kind of recoil a
        .50BMG in full auto would have. I figure they put full-on machine guns on
        tripods or vehicle mounts for a reason! Those guys are going to be a greater
        risk to their own side than anybody else.

        • Yes, you can tell these clowns got their training from watching
          poorly written action movies, just like people think a car door
          is enough protection for ANY firearm round.
          That uzi I fired was crazy, it was all I could do to hold it, much
          less aim, so the jam was actually helpful in that regard. And
          it was a small round, can’t remember what it was though. Didn’t
          matter how strong you are, if you’re not ready for the recoil,
          it’s bad news.

          • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

            Uzi? Most likely 9mm.

            • To be honest? It was the guy’s “project”, so
              who knows what all mods he did, I’ll bet I
              was a guinea pig for him. I know they have
              a high rate of fire, but damn! My thumb throbbed
              for days after, but it was a blast. It needed
              a fore grip.

              • actually the UZI came in 4 calibers…
                .22 conversion,. or barrel/mag swap.
                9mm,. most common.
                .45,. not popular due to so many others.
                .41AE.. one of the ‘new’ (89) rounds
                that never got a foot hold…

                • I think it was 9mm, I’ve fired both, and the kick was closer to my 9mm
                  hand gun. Just a WHOLE lot faster! It’s been decades since I did that,
                  and I got old 😛

                • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

                  I was recently reading an article on the
                  history of the Luger P08, with its knee
                  toggle action. I was wondering what it
                  would be like if it had been built up to
                  45ACP levels (besides the two that had
                  been built for the 1908 US Army trials –
                  Browning’s 1911 eventually won).
                  Anyway, more poking, and by golly!
                  Someone DOES make a P08 in 45ACP.
                  At $5K a pop, rather pricey, but still..

        • I have a Ruger Blackhawk in .45 Colt that I load to near Casull levels.
          300gr bullet at 1300fps. I know the feeling of recoil. That solid punch
          to the palm feels good.
          But yeah, I feel it for a few days afterwards.

          • Sam

            My Blackhawk is a .45 Convertible. Both ACP and Colt cylinders.
            Had a bit of an issue finding loads in each that shoot to the same
            POA=POI. But I’m using 255gr bullets in the Colt loads. If I were
            to go to 300gr on the Colt loads I would need to bump the powder
            charge to shoot to the same POA=POI. Umm . . . probably not.
            The 255s thump my hand quite enough, thankyouverymuch. Though
            the 300s would smack the bowling pins a bit harder.

      • Swamp water is chocked-full of microbes and parasites,
        dysentery is the lighter side of drinking it. I made that
        mistake bog fishing long ago, didn’t bring anything to drink…
        I was sick for weeks!

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