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  1. TGW is soooo close to ending the month at #3. Please vote!

    • I just voted, we are now tied for 3rd place!

    • Chryzopraz

      Funny thing, TGW is definitely much better than the two comics in spots 1 and 2…

    • I just voted (twice as always) and TGW is solidly
      in 3rd place. It’s less than 100 behind 2nd and
      more than 100 ahead of 4th. Tomorrow it drops
      back to zero.

      • as i said before,. twc has it’s own policies. and, one of those is,
        IF you get to #1, an not buy adds. we will bury you in the 20’s.!
        (IE: 3 comics that i know of, are stuck in the 20s an 30s cuz they
        won’t buy adds.!)
        also ‘spambots’ are not allowed, unless you buy adds, “lots” of em.
        (i watched it happen,. how else can you get 5000 votes in 12 min,.?
        when the top rank gets 70 an HOUR.!)
        FYI: from 2015 – 2020 i tracked twc voting. an saw it.

        • I kind of keep an eye on it. For most of Nov, the #1 comic was getting about
          as many votes daily as TK. But one day, it got about 10,000 votes in about 12
          hours, if I recall. Since then, it’s been back to getting about the same daily
          count as TK again.
          I figure that if TGW can hold third place, that’s as good as it’s gonna get.

          • Eh, you never know, but I agree with Rob. I just checked, your
            solid in 3rd. TGW is in the 8900s, while 4th is still in the 8600s.

    • Voted on both computers

  2. Finished the plasma turret today. I started over
    from scratch and rebuilt the cannons. Anyhow
    I sent it to the Catman and he signed off on it.
    Here it is on DA:

  3. David, “are you feeling the pain yet?”
    Miss Lizzard hits a homer.
    Is Capt Flink being a “Flinker” or is he the real deal?
    Maybe I should quit now while I’m still behind.

    • Her rhetorical statement in panel 4 is utterly profound.

  4. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    “The voice of the minority…”
    In a TRUE “democracy” (as the Libtards advocate), it’s the MAJORITY
    (50%+1) that make the rules for the MINORITY.
    That is (Libtard defined), unless the “minority” is of a favored victim,
    DildoCrat voting ethnicity.
    Then all must bow to the wishes of the FSA minority, in spite if what
    the majority voted for.
    Unless (again, Libtard defined) the minority is white conservative
    working middle class religious (etc), then, according to the DildoCrats,
    “awwww, too bad, you lost, now shut up and go back to your corner”.
    So….to a Libtard DildoCrat, “Democracy” is a win-win,
    no matter which way the vote goes.
    And conversely, to a conservative, “Democracy” is a lose-lose,
    no matter which way the vote goes.

    • Let’s not go overboard with the politics, okay?

    • I find it endlessly fascinating that the group which prattles
      most of “democracy” (even has it in its name?) is always
      so quick to run to court to overturn any vote it doesn’t like.

      • Curtis

        I had decided not to comment here, per PC’s comment.
        However, Bill, I think you got that backwards, e.g.
        Mr. Trump’s multiple failed lawsuits against the results
        of the 2020 election, and The Wisconsin Republican
        party’s move to impeach the newly elected state
        Supreme Court justice.

        PC, if you think I have gone too far and decide
        not to post my comment I suggest the entire thread be deleted.
        Otherwise I suggest we all just we keep calm,
        not polk sticks at each other, and enjoy what we have in common.

        • There was a dem some years back that won the popular vote but lost
          in the collage votes, I’m having trouble remember his name now, he was
          running against Baby Bush, but he did the very same thing as Trump,
          ran several lawsuits and a smear campaign against the reps, claiming
          it was a setup, and it took the party TELLING him to drop it before he
          gave up.

  5. Grasping at straws Allbrech? Get yur head outta the bottle an’
    grow a pair!
    Jeez… Well I’d say the people have spoken as far as Johnathan goes.

    I really hope this Flink is the real-deal, I can tell Smoke is very
    nervous about this meeting, I’m sure Flame is too. I know Taritha is
    a simple woman without fighting skills, but she’s still a cat so he
    best not discount her!

    • Not looking for it but I seem to recall a statement that
      none of the Romani are exactly without fighting skills,
      and I’m pretty sure Taritha is carrying concealed.

      • all the cats are trained (basically).
        the comment was “she was not trained as a ‘body guard’ with them,
        so would get in the way.”
        after the fact, she was trained, but not to the level of them.

        • Where Teresa’s bodyguard trains and identifies as “Attack Helicopters”, Taritha
          trained with them and identified as a Dustoff. Her role was to grab Teresa and
          carry her out of harm’s way.

          • >Attack Helicopter

            I like those role names!

            • ditto

            • same.!
              heh, Her Own yells “Dustoff”!
              and Cat an her are 2 blocks away and moving…

              • Meanwhile, the attackers look themselves over trying to find the dust 😉

              • Teresa screams “WAAARGH!!!”, her arms and legs trailing behind her
                as Taritha is ‘low running’ for the hills…

          • I know, I was implying she’s not as well trained as Kathy or Teresa’s Own.
            It takes years to be a truly proficient fighter. But she is a member of a race
            of apex predators so there’s that…
            Plus she said as much just before her trip to P’tero to meet the queen, the
            naugahide attack?

  6. PC, almost all the prints are done, I’m having some trouble
    getting the right angle on the bottom cover for the Ext HHD,
    it’s either sloppy loose or it won’t fit. Time for a new perspective…
    (turns monitor on it’s side) That’s… not better (grumbling).

    • Looks pretty good to me, a heavy freighter isn’t a speed demon like the Scolded Cat!

  7. I guess the opinion about human’s with cats extends to RL,
    Jasmine was giving me kitten-kisses so I kissed her back…
    poor thing had a panic attack, either thought I was going
    to bite her or she’s just “EEEEWW… Not a human!” 😉

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