Who's androids are these, anyway?
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  1. panels 2 an 3,, smile you are on Dragonfly camera.. every Dragonfly now knows what you look like..

    • I also notice they are being flanked by the Mavia and Tabitha.

  2. It looks like the bad guys are going to get “Cat Scratch Fever”. Looks like the Horned Ones are running out of power with a weak signal.

  3. Okay. So not only were the machines constructed using pirated Imogen “smart skin” technology but they were controlled using equally pirated/unlawfully obtained HIGHLY CLASSIFIED military technology. Talk about playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes!These guys hit the trifecta. You KNOW those two mokes are only a small part of the over all scheme. Got to be moles in Imogen and Imperial R&D. My money is on security people in on it. Somebody had to be looking the other way while the AI modules were going out the door. You have to wonder how the skin left Imogen property without the discrepancy being noticed.

    Getting good, folks!

    • Rick

      Is it possible they were built at Imogen and walked out the door?

      • President Elect B Woodman

        Still a lot of parts missing from inventory that can’t be properly accounted for.
        Have you ever done COMSEC inventory? Every. Piece. MUST. Be. Accounted. For.
        No slop. No “meh”.

        • robnot

          military.. unit did a “gun run” (go shoot at target) and when cleaning up found , One(1) round missing,,. four hours later the missing round was found ,,
          it rolled and stuck in a little cubby…

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