Future furball.
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  1. As long as I can remember, cats do NOT like to
    be bothered if they are in their “special spot”.
    If they want privacy, you best let them have it.
    Unless you enjoy bleeding…

    Wow, if that guy got any skinnier,
    beans would give him the power of flight…
    and the sour faces from blocks around…

  2. What’s going on in P6? It looks like
    Vince is pointing his rifle at Birov.

    • I think he’s looking outside through the curtains,
      It’s hard sometimes to tell from the perspective.
      I had the same thought at first.

  3. JasonAW3

    Yeah, if she doesn’t get good answers, the Cat may make the say, “Yeow!!!”

    And as for the gun, at first glance, I thought he was poi ting it at the cat on
    the filing cabinet… Then I zoomed in and found it was pointing out the

  4. How about this video?
    Woman divorces husband after accident leaves him crippled:
    Watch to the end.

  5. Has “Katherin,” from the arc that starts on page 527, ever made a re-appearance? I think a follow-up would be very interesting.

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