We all know people like this.
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  1. I do know people like this. For too many of them, the vile stuff they are
    regurgitating is strings of insults they want to pass off as politics.

  2. Scarsdale

    Ok, so they are even less advanced genetically than I thought, just means when they “talk shit”
    it’s the real deal! LOL!!! This whole event will spread like wildfire over Xanadu almost know one
    won’t know how the Batshits screwed up I have little doubt they will face charges etc…

    Nice Jim, you’re showing them alternatives as well and giving them info they might not of known
    about. I had dug through records to show how much downtime the new machine was causing from
    the start because it was running with a 1 1/2 hp motor while the old one used a 5 hp. Pretty much
    a no-brainer but the big wig didn’t want it known much less admit he screwed up. Again…

  3. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Ah! We now have a name for the Lizard Lips…….Batshits.

    • Batshits…Shitbats… doesn’t matter.
      I kind of prefer Shitbats, myself. It kind of rolls off the tongue.

      • Scarsdale

        Shitbats it is! And with them, the name isn’t the only thing that rolls off the tongue LOL!

        • Fixed. I was hoping someone would make the connection.

  4. Dastardly Dan

    I did NOT need that anatomy lesson over breakfast!
    Gotta go check out the Patreon, cleanse my mind’s eye.

    • There’ll be more eye candy soon. Who would you like to see as a pinup?

    • Scarsdale

      lol my oldest had colic from birth, it’s not that different. Until he was 4 months old
      we had to feed him 1/2 oz and then gently rock him until he burped or it’d all come
      back up. Then it was rinse and repeat! Took an 1 1/2 hour to feed him and until we
      got a windup swing none of us slept much. I envy the kids today, they have battery
      swings, I had to sloooowly wind it back up or it’d wake him. I didn’t sleep I napped
      15 minutes at a time. Right next to his swing at my desk or I’d have to keep getting

  5. Okay. I stand corrected. The shitbats are, in some ways, no more evolved than a sea anemone.

    • Scarsdale

      Yeah I wasn’t expecting it either, but it does explain a few things.
      But it does raise the question: How do they have gender? I could be
      wrong but don’t anemones just bud off an offspring? It would explain
      “her” having a bare mid-drift.

      • Nah, they have sexual organs. Their creators just didn’t want to build
        the playground next to the sewage plant, as it were.

        • Never could understand the Creator putting the garden of earthly delights
          right next door to the sewer. Of course it could be worse. For birds and
          reptiles the two are the same!

          • Proof that God is a civil engineer.

            • 😀

            • Scarsdale

              Maybe he subcontracted to the one I had to deal with at the factory 🙂

          • Scarsdale

            LOL so true the garden does have an awful neighbor! Where’s the HOA? LMBO!

  6. I have been wondering what was going on with the northern campaign.

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