She's not just a girl, she's an adventure!
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  1. JasonAW3

    While they may not smell like they had sex, the human noses probably won’t tell the difference…

    C fractional shrapnel? Not Kitty litter, more like tomato paste! Remember, at a high enough fraction of the velocity of light, even iron will fuse…

  2. President Elect B Woodman

    Let’s see……..
    Upstairs and away for a long-ish period of time…..
    Coming back downstairs, obviously hot and sweaty.
    Cherry in a change of clothes……
    What else is poor, jealous Biff supposed to think?
    Next question….what will Biff DO?

    • Dastardly Dan

      Biff will go into a rage, blaming the trollip and possibly attacking Jami. He may be in a body cast tomorrow.

  3. President Elect B Woodman

    How will the DOGS react to being helped by CATS, the same cats that killed their mates?

  4. President Elect B Woodman

    (Jami &Cherry)
    “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

  5. Thought you folks might like to know just how much energy each of those grains of “kitty litter” would be carrying. Given the density of iron, a 25mm diameter sphere of iron would weigh right at 7.87g. At .01% of C it would have as much energy as 1.5lb of TNT. At .1% of C that figure rises to 1,490lbs of TNT! Fractional C weapons take the term “kinetic energy weapons” to a whole nother level.

  6. Warning for my readers: The models for Dogishuans that I used were from an old generation of figures, and difficult to use.
    I purchased a newer, better generation which looks nothing like the old ones, and will use them from now on.
    Be prepared for a hiccup in the Matrix…

  7. At the risk of possibly upsetting someone here, I’d like to invite the group to see some posts I just added to my gallery at Deviant Art.

    A couple of weeks back the Catman asked for a flatbed truck to use. I have completed the truck itself. It is similar to but not a true model of that U.S. Army’s HEMTT. I have the truck itself done, now I have to figure out how to make a load bed for it. I also want to make a liquid tank suitable for transporting POL and/or water. The tanker part should be reasonably easy. Still thinking about how to properly do the load bed. It all depends upon how much detail I want to crank into it. I did go to some trouble to provide lots of detail in the various parts especially in the area of the cab. Remember, this is meant to be a representation of A tactical truck but not any SPECIFIC tactical truck.

    Also at DA are a couple of shots of the next project for the Catman. He wants a – fairly small – explorer craft capable of operating in deep space but still capable on making planetfall. I sent Petercat some pix plus the prototype models. The current models are tiny – under 300K which is quite small. I plan for the real thing to be MUCH finer grained – many more divisions in the spheres, cylinders and cubes which are the basic building blocks of any 3D model. This will be a true collaboration – first one I have tried. I earnestly solicit comments with the caveat that the spaceship model is truly a prototype. The finished model will be much more polished.

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