Meet the family.
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  1. >”just let me drink “my” last milk.”

    Samuel, guess you got the lesson
    about what is her’s is her’s,
    and everything else is her’s :}

    • Heh, many women are like that, no matter what race!
      My wife was like that, I’d order seconds at a restaurant
      just to get a decent meal because she’d eat off my
      plate first. “OOoo what’s that!?” (stab) Hey!

    • Then she’d complain she’s full and ask for a carry-home…

  2. She’s getting PeeWee out there, good it’s never good to be
    alone all the time, that leads to painting a face on a volley ball
    and naming it Wilson heh.

    Hmmm… More efficient shipping, 3rd gen weapons, and tech from
    friendlies, The Imperial fleets may not match the core in size, but
    I’d say a handful of up-to-date Imperial’s could take out any core
    fleet. Or at least make them work hard for the win!

  3. JasonAW3

    Ok, I’m mildly confused PC.
    I thought “Humans” were the
    “bad guys” and “Terrans” were
    the “good guys”.
    What’s up with that?

    • They were bad, until (step one):
      and page 636 and 637.
      Then this (step two):
      Then just keep reading…
      Remember, she’s now the Planetary Manager of Catia,
      and he’s now the President of Lamia, and they have
      the serious hots for each other.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong here, but the Dragons seeded Earth with us, while
      the remainder of the humans were allowed to do whatever, and since they
      wanted the Catains as slaves, the rest of the races wanted nothing to do
      with Humans. When the Terran’s freed the slaves and no one else cared
      (I wonder why? :P) the Humans realized they needed allies and sided with
      the Terran’s. Afraid of repercussions from the core, they declined to join the
      Empire for now, but supports them off the books as the P’tera do now. The
      Empire accepts the support, but as with the other core supporters, they are
      wary of the intentions. The hints PC has given, all worlds seem to have the
      same problem, it’s not the races that’s the issues, but the aging governments
      that are. Too much power in too few hands and none want to lose it, etc…

  4. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    “Commerce raiders”.
    I.e., “pirates” (freebooters, no letters of marque,
    no Gooberment protection, keep all the loot))
    Or, “priveteers” (letters of marque, SOME
    Gooberment protection, have to share the loot)

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