Nothing is as it seems.
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  1. Bill Mullins

    Oh, my stars! The CSA is sending Cessnas (looks like 172 or 182) and the folks on the kingdom’s eastern border are hearing music. Could that be the redoubtable Wildcat? That would be like flintlock musket infantry (not in any kind of fighting order) going up against well trained, battle hardened troops with modern assault rifles. Wouldn’t even qualify as a slaughter – more like a massacre! If we didn’t already know what we know about the CSA I might be tempted to feel sorry for those pilots. Nah. Not a bit sorry for ’em.

    • Bill Mullins

      Took a closer look at panel 3. Those look more like 182s than 172s. Not exactly sure where/how you’d mount weapons on a Cessna 182. Have to be on the wings because there’s no room in the nose and rigging an interrupter to keep from shooting the prop off would be a major engineering challenge. Problem with mounting anything in/on the wings is that Cessna wings are VERY lightly built. Essentially no spar. The struts that go between the fuselage and wing are what supports the aircraft’s weight. Without access to the next couple of days’ strips I’m going to guess rifle caliber select fire weapons mounted on the wi gs far enough outboard to clear the prop and rigged to.allow the pilot to fire. Am I close, Catman, Rob??

      • The Cat, as always, sayeth nothing.
        But… what were some of the first weapons carried in WWII aircraft?

        • robnot

          just saying,, the cessna was used with wing pods in Korea an Vietnam .. O1 Bird Dog.
          during WWI pilots used just about any thing that they could carry in the cockpit,,. small bombs, grenades, handguns, rifles, etc..
          this is me guessing.. since the cessna can carry more than the WWI plane ,, put a person in back as a “door gunner” that can also act as a bomber.

    • But what do we know about them other than Sgt Squirrel’s opinion? Have I missed something? I can imagine lots of things, but that’s all I have so far.
      Planes started in WW1 as unarmed reconnaissance craft. Then pilots started carrying pistols and taking pot shots at each other. Then they started doing strafing runs by pouring buckets of nails on massed or marching troops. A plane doesn’t have to be armed to make life miserable below it. Too, there are always grenades.

  2. Bless His heart

    cats will play.
    Wildcat will play hardest. Some fun in the air is coming soon.
    It should seal the truce or becoming a Kingdom in the Empire deal.

    That Captain is properly placed in his lazy chair trike.

    • robnot

      that is a scorpion gaming chair… not a trike

      • I wondered what you meant by scorpion. Kudos.

  3. Jan

    Aww, now we have to wait until thursday morning 0200Z to see CSA get their asses handed to them.
    Will there be music, Petercat?

    • robnot

      ..Monday , Wednesday , Friday.. @2000 hundred EST… is when posted…

  4. Shades of Honor Harrington.

  5. Panel 8. 😀 😀

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