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  1. … After yesterday’s discussion of for whom Kimi was working at this point in time, I begin to believe that King owes a good part of his success as a crimelord to Matthew and ‘selective enforcement’, or at least distribution of information. Not that something as petty as local crime should have been within his (official) focus. I’m surprised this hadn’t occurred to me before. It puts a different light on Leonor’s call to Matthew after they met Kajm, her ‘interview’ with King after The Fall, and her discussions with her officers about King before The Fall.
    The run in the stocking is a nice artistic touch. Speaking of, older tools for putting patterns on clothing never looked right to me, getting the pattern to stretch where the fabric was stretched, and more importantly keeping the pattern consistent between panels. I love the way the camo on the soldier’s uniforms, the flowers on Kimi’s shirt, and even the white dots on Angel’s shirt are all in the same places panel to panel. It greatly enhances the ‘suspension of disbelief’, the accepting of your art as depicting something ‘real’.

    • The “Characters” section explains some of the interrelationships.

      • I had forgotten about Leonor’s connection with David Lamm. Kimi’s entry needs a little fixing — you call her Kathy in the sentence about the motorcycle accident. I’m probably not the first person to mention that. We haven’t seen Lamm for a while, or heard about him since we learned about his miraculous remission. Hope he’s still well.

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