Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.
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  1. ‘It is kind of hard to make decision when you don’t remember the past.’

    I realize that has to do with his memory loss, but you also just described the current end-results of Leftist indoctrination at all levels of education.

    • Me (doing a happy dance): “Yes! Nailed it!”

    • YES! One of my extreme hot button topics.
      Lucky for you I have a lot of work to do today, or I’d be sitting here pontificating all day.
      If I have a hobby, it’s engaging people in conversation and then dropping some small historical fact that disproves some belief they hold. If they bite, I’ll lead them down a logical path of cause and effect that usually ends up changing their thinking or frustrating them tremendously.

  2. Ronnie certainly has not forgotten the significance of a magnificently stunning bust line !

  3. Petercat, that was for Ned Moore, right? Or is my icon not visible to you?

  4. BTW the vote incentive is down again.

    • I don’t know what’s going on, it was broken yesterday and I fixed it. Now it’s broken again!
      Try it now.

    • By the way, do you want me to make you an icon?

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