Those  who forget the past...
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  1. oops .. i missed that,, you called her pam, not pat…

    • On purpose. She keeps calling him “Johnny”, which he has always hated.

  2. President Elect B Woodman

    This woman has no concept of actions and consequences. “What does it matter?” is her constant refrain.q
    She’s run out of available men (marks) to leech off of before they get tired of her shenanigans and detach her from themselves.

  3. There was some discussion Friday about actors to play characters if TGW was ever made in a film.
    Who would you like to see play which character?
    Rule: No switching genders, ethnicity (Mostly), sexual preferences. For example:
    Kathy must remain a Chinese heterosexual female. Could be a Japanese actress.
    Although I would love to see Forrest Whittaker as King Bishop. So if you can make a compelling case for a change, go for it.
    Please make your first comment the character’s name, then reply with your choice of actor, and why.
    If someone has already named the character, please do not post again. Just reply with your own choice of actor.
    I’ll get it started:

  4. Matthew Costman.

    • Lucas Grabeel, from High School Musical. One of the most versatile actors from Disney.

      • Jan

        Versatile and Disney in one sentence? I don’t recall the english word for it but in danish we have the term: “selvmodsigende”

        • Jan

          Whatever happened to the winkin’ smiley I put on the end? Oh well, by now I shouldhave learned not to use the tablet to comment (sad smiley)

          • For some.reason this board.does not accept the smiley codes directly from the tablet keyboard. It does.except at.least some regular.smiley codes input it yourself. The code for the wink smiley is a semicolon “;” followed by a right parenthesis “)”. That character shows up fine ;). A quick will net you all the smiley codes.

        • Jan, the word you’re looking for is “oxymoron”.

  5. I am SO evil! Yesterday I got a spam call that my car’s extended warranty was about to expire. That was news to me since my wife (had to – collision) get a new car this summer (so has a brand new maintenance contract) and the maintenance contract on my car expired in 19. But what the heck I’m old and retired (and evil 😉 ) and so I pressed “1” to “speak with a representative”. When the person came on she asked for.the year, make and model so.she could car is eligible to which I replied “1917 Ford Model T”. She didn’t respond. So I asked “Did you hear me? I have a 1917 Ford Model T. Doesn’t it qualify?” {click!} Yup! I’m evil! Reminds me of that classic Bugs Bunny line, “Gosh! Ain’t I a stinker?” 😉

  6. Dastardly Dan

    I did something similar, but mine was my very reel 2005 F150 with 403,000 miles. REsponse was “Do you have any other vehicles? That one is too old.”
    Around here (Tampa area) I get calls from a human asking if Juan is here, when I say no, they say ‘Well, maybe you can help me” and launch into a sales pitch.
    Last one went like this:
    Caller Hello, is Juan there?
    Me Which Juan, there are several here.
    Caller Uhhh
    Me Juan Hernandez?
    Caller Yes!
    Me He’s not here, maybe Juan Gomez?
    Caller Yes, I can talk to him. He’s not here either, how about Juan Ortiz?
    Me He’s not here either, how about Juan Ortiz?
    Caller Well, what is your name?
    Me Oh, you don’t want to talk to me, I’m no Juan.
    Caller Silence, then a chuckle, then hung up.

    • Dastardly Dan

      Sorry, messed that up on line 7.
      Too much blood in my caffeine stream

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