Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been?
"I've been to Ptera to visit their Queen.
Pussycat, pussycat, what did you do there?
"You'll find out."
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  1. Ok I wasn’t expecting that, no wonder Matthew was laughing
    so hard, he makes a good point! Now she’s finding out how Emperor
    Bishop felt all those times heheheh….
    Someone needed to go anyway perhaps Taritha can get some more
    info and maybe intel while she’s at it. I hope Teresa isn’t planning on
    going herself though her Own will go nuts over it! I would too (shudder…)

    • Oh, she’s going to Ptera, all right. Remember TGW-993 panel 1.
      I’m pretty sure that depicts a face to face between Teresa
      and the Pteran Queen. I have no idea where the story is going
      but I do know it will involve Their Majesties having a tet-a-tet.
      And since the installment that will be up next Saturday will be
      number 1,000, my my money is on that one being where the
      meeting takes place.

      Now, somebody remind me why Taritha believes herself sufficiently
      empowered to pay a visit to the sovereign of not only another
      power bit of a major, core-world power. I don’t even need a full
      link. A simple “TGW-???” will suffice.

      • Yeah I figured she’d go it’s just hugely risky in many ways.
        Maybe Taritha was just going to meet the queen and not try
        to set policy which you’re right she doesn’t have the power
        to do so. Keep in mind though she’s a hunt sister and the
        queen requested to speak with a Catian rather than a Terran.

  2. Medical update: While I do not feel like my condition is improving,
    neither does it seem to be worsening. I might/i> have even
    gained a pound or two. I’ve been trying to force myself to eat 3
    meals a day (if I didn’t force myself I probably wouldn’t eat)
    plus I’m drinking 2 bottles of Boost a day. Just the Boost is 500
    calories. And my wife’s leg is healing fine. Unfortunately her
    heart rhythm problems have not resolved with medication. She is
    scheduled to have a pacemaker implanted this coming Wednesday.
    We’ll have matching scars. Yippee! Ain’t we a pair to draw to?

    • Switch to Quest I was drinking Boost myself and it wasn’t helping either
      it’s less costly and has 10% more protein. Amazon sells it.
      As long as it isn’t a pacemaker/defibrillator like my father has, it’s not fun.
      You can tell it’s given him a zap because he grunts and holds his chest.

      • It’s for sure a pacemaker. She has atrial fibrillation which is causing tachycardia (rapid heartbeat).
        The cardiologist tried medication but to no avail so now he’s just going to implant a pacemaker. What
        your Dad has is properly called an ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator). Dick Cheney has one.
        It senses the heart going into ventricular fibrillation (V Fib) which will kill you if it is not
        corrected. An ICD is an implantable version of the shock paddles they show paramedics using when
        somebody has a heart attack. With a pacemaker they burn out the nerve nodes that regulate/generate
        your heartbeat and send a miniscule electric shock directly into the chamber wall between the two main
        pumping chambers of the heart. It takes very little current to make the heart beat when the shock is
        delivered directly to the heart. An ICD doesn’t nearly fire as often as a pacemaker (a pacemaker fires
        roughly 70 times a minute until you die.) but when it does fire it delivers a much more powerful jolt.
        I’ve heard that you can feel it when the thing fires. My pacer has some sensors and can tell when I’m
        doing any type of physical activity and will up my rate. I’m lucky that my heart only requires a tiny
        jolt to make it beat. That equates to longer battery life. My first one worked for 9 years (’08 – ’17)
        and the current one looks to last as many as 15 years. I don’t reckon I’m good for another 10 years.
        With the way things are going these days I don’t really want to last another 10 years.

        • My father had a heart valve replaced about 10 years ago and
          they couldn’t stabilize his heart rate at all even with meds. He’s
          on his second one now, his first one’s battery was running low
          and it kept his rate at 50-60 bpm, the new one has bumped him
          up to a more normal rate. He’s 88 I’m starting to wonder if he’s
          going to out-live me!

    • Good luck to you both. I sincerely hope all goes well.

  3. >she’s improvising again

    No Teresa, you were not that bad. You were worse!

    But you were also always looking the improve the Empire
    and her citizens :}

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