She has Sun-Tzu memorized.
A short story then back to Kathy and "Kitty".
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  1. I never could throw a hook.
    So I used a 10-lb fingertip and got ’em with pin action.

    • You throw hard enough spin doesn’t matter. You have to throw straight though, just a little off centre.

  2. Banana split or sundae, decisions, decisions, decisions. Ah take both best decision.

  3. Well, I’ve ordered a coffee mug press, getting it from Amazon has been a nightmare.
    I have the cups and paper, just need to figure out how to make them with my laser printer.
    I’ll let you know.
    Does anyone know how to convert an .OBJ file for 3D printing? I have a Photon S, and printing Miral is making me crazy.

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