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She's just jealous.
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  1. Everybody say “Thanks, Rom”.
    I overslept and he updated the comic.
    Thanks, Rob.

    • Jochi, did you read the note I sent you?
      Leave a comment and click on your own name, then click on “messages”.

    • you are welcome.. 🙂

  2. I’d put 50 Dragons on Miral, too. I almost feel sorry for the dumb barstid. Almost. Interesting little rover there, Pete. But unless those windows in the cab are some kind of super tough ceramic, an AK variant or especially a .50cal is gonna make a real mess in the cab. I’m not sure about those tires but the running gear ought to be vulnerable to big bore, high velocity rifle rounds. First time somebody opens up on one of those buggies with Terran produced weaponry those slavers are in for a quick and lethally painful education.

    • As always, the ‘cat sayeth nothing.
      Okay, just a little…
      You’ll get more of a hint on Monday.

    • panel 3 on the door,, “Armored Titan”,, i wood say that thing is proof to most of what the slavers have, cuz if a cat looted it.. ..an jus sayin.. thePOTUS’s car windows are 5″ an proof of .50 cal APDP and RPG’s..
      also these guys are on the same but different “tech” level,, so ,, they have had space ships for years,, ,,windows ,, micro meteorites …
      that said,, i wood be more worried bout that little package she is carrying…..

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