The future's so bright...
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  1. Regarding the top story: Oh, good. I always loved “happily ever after” endings. Sometimes the good guys do win and good deeds do go unpunished. Thanks, Catman.

    • You’ll love the next storyline that begins on the 28th.
      Keep an eye on the vote incentive for the new character.

      • You got it. Did you get my email? I sent you one yesterday.

        • Yes, I sent you two replies. One has an image of the Imperial Frigate so you’ll know the shape and specs.
          Or click on “characters” above and scroll down. If you click to open image in a new tab, you can make it larger.

  2. Groan! Just got the engineer’s name. Droll, Catman, very droll. As an old friend of mine (50+ years) would say, “That joke was sheepish. It was baaad!”

    • Thanks Bill i will have to remember that. Sheepish and Baaad. It is nice to have a little romance in the midst of a war or uprising or a violent putdown. Thanks Petercat.

  3. Damn. 33 comments on the last page! A new record, I think.
    You all enjoy reading the comic, I enjoy reading the comments.
    Sounds like a fair trade. Keep it up!

  4. Dastardly Dan

    I put up a comment yesterday and it’s gone now. Odd

    • It’s not in the trash, try again?

    • robnot

      i did not see it ,, but i also deleted about 24 “casino” adds spam and about 10 “sex” drug spam..
      so if i did,, sorry..
      i average about 10-15 spams daily so for some reason yesterday was a dump day…
      oh yeah an the 2 Russian date sites (that take up a page of text,, each).
      15 this morning 13c, 1s, an 1rd..

      • If you go to settings/discussion, you can add keywords that wouldn’t appear in ordinary
        comments and any comment using one of those words will go straight to trash.

        • robnot

          i meant i was looking an checking,, but still might have missed one..
          you have given me alot of power to delete.. i try very carefully not to mess it up…

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