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  1. IMS = Imperial Merchant Ship?
    I wonder if the Bloodhound is intended for the use of Dogishuans and stylized in analogy to Catia’s Pride.

    I seriously doubt anyone in legitimate Imperial R&D developed sapient AIs with the intention of making them slaves with restricted free will. I suspect it was an accident, like Mike Holmes. (It may be that Heinlein was right and it’s inevitable if the processor grows sufficiently complex, but I doubt it. I do think if it ever happens, it won’t be by design.) And I suspect the Empire will adjust legal definitions as necessary to fit.

  2. President Elect B Woodman

    Now we know one AI player, Dr Smith. I’m assuming that the bespectacled youth is his lab assistant. It seems Dr Smith has stepped in the deep doo-doo. And the doo-doo is getting deeper.
    Notice that those who are most blatant in breaking the laws (moral and legal) are the ones who, when caught, scream loudest for their rights under the laws’ protections.
    Watching the interrogation and the punishment will be educational.

  3. President Elect B Woodman

    And now we get down to the crux of this particular story arc, the legal and societal status under Imperial law of the two newly created andriods.

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