Girl's got quills.
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  1. I’m avoiding the internet except MWF.
    Too much idiocy, and I have better things to do.
    Weather’s nice, and I am preparing for Spring.

  2. PC, about the graphics issues on the voting site, if the address string length is limited, then I suggest you shorten the link address via tinyurl or something similar. Looking for an alternate place to put the graphics is a good idea long term but for now a url shortener will solve the problem even if it does involve an extra step.

  3. OK, I’m confused. Is the blonde the same one that was playing ‘scared lil underage trollip’?
    If so, how did she get to be recruited and trusted so quickly?

    • I had to go back to I believe 413 or 414, check in at the hotel. They knew someone would be trying to con them and this girl was the first who approached. They know she likes cats, but also is/was a con artist. She is a little more honest now as she has dropped the school-girl act. I don’t think they trust her completely though even thought the cat bar tender knows her quite well as a gold digger.
      PS great plot lines, Peter Cat.

  4. Gotta say, Catman, that girlfriend there does GREAT cleavage. A human male sitting there across from her like Mitana is would have real trouble keeping his mind on the task at hand. I woulda dropped my pencil at least a dozen times by now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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