More than one way to collect a debt.
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  1. Ah, yes, EMP hardened.
    But against a tightly-focused beam weapon?
    As for the nervous system, well…

    • Even if the EMP only lightly stunned her (which I figure it did) crashing through the branches of the trees and then impacting with the ground would have knocked her out as well as likely damaging her left shoulder (most likely a bad sprain) and even possibly breaking her collar bone. Since, IIRC, Catts are stronger pound-for-pound than Homo Saps, that would indicate that their bones are more dense than HSaps’ and thus less likely to fracture. That also makes their innards more rugged and harder to injure in traumatic situations. (I know all this because of a little private plane crash I got to experience in May of ’70) Anyhow she is likely NOT seriously injured (almost certainly no internal injuries and the final impact attitude suggests that the remaining energy was absorbed with her left shoulder) although I would expect her to have a severely sprained left shoulder with possible fractured collar bone and some degree of concussion.

      Imperial scientists and engineers (both Human and Catt) are gonna HAVE to come up with a workable design for a flight helmet. Extreme maneuvering can easily throw a pilot’s head around with sufficient violence to cause injury if their head impacts the canopy structure. Even if if the helm only protects the Catt’s head, a sore ear beats the hell outta a cracked skull and or brain bleed.

      • Personally, I doubt badly hurt, as the Catians have thicker bones than humans and, being a Pouncer type creature, their bones would HAVE to be tougher than human…
        Besides, I somehow seriously doubt that the “Good Doctor” would have made the Catians as easy to kill as humans. He’d want to “extend his fun” for a while.
        I also suspect that he increased the Catians touch sensitivity as a partial replacement to their sex drive.

    • Note to Catman:
      I understand why it might not be real-world possible to have a helmet which completely covers the Catt’s head. Were there such a real-life thing as Cattians, it would be a simple matter to have a Catt pilot fold their ears back (as all terrestrial cats species can do) before donning a helmet. Based upon my understanding of CGI models, I cannot figure out how to have the ears NOT stick out through a helmet. Maybe you can pose them with their ears flattened.

      • Actually, with a helmet, I could just hide the ears for rendering the image.The rest comes up later in the story.

        • i was thinking,, (dangerous i know..) .. Soviet cloth tanker helmet , with ear cut outs.. then both could wear,, with no ill effect..

          • While a soft helmet would prevent decompression problems, there is also the issue of protecting the head itself, from being bounced around…

  2. Yeah, I knew figured that would happen…

  3. I suspect the effect to be, essentially, the same as the wormhole transition.
    If so, assuming she was strapped in, (pretty much SOP) those guys have minutes, at best, before they will be confronted by a very peaved putty cat.
    1) They knocked her out.
    2) They damaged her bird.
    3) And most agrievous, they kept her from getting to Kelly!

    • They use gravitics instead of safety harnesses to hold the pilot in place.
      Which failed before impact.
      Yeah, they’re going to have to re-think that.

      • It seems to me, as they used gravitics instead of a harness / seat belts, that she ought to be sprawled completely against the canopy at this point. However I don’t know how much play you can get in the position of the figure.

        • I can see her ending up more or less where she is, but I’d have expected blood splatter wherever her head impacted. Was he saying leaving her TO hope her friends arrived in time, or leaving her IN THE HOPE THAT her friends arrived in time? It almost seems like HE is unwilling to leave an injured, helpless enemy soldier behind, not even a Cat. Maybe he’s not a total scumbag — a lot of the humans seem to be honorable types stuck on the wrong side.

      • Ejection seats for atmospheric birds and ejector cabins for space birds, or better yet, spacesuits, (with mechanical counter pressure suits,and helmets) with ejector seats for deep space, would also be nice…

  4. I guessed wrong about WHAT was taken. I just thought the Empire might jump at the chance of ending a few murderers and cannibals, even if the atrocities happened somewhere else.

    It occurs to me that the Legion isn’t going to be happy with the damage done to their paint job — but it’s what happens when you let your artwork be used as a combat vehicle.

  5. Suggestion to Catman. For future use, all references to the species to which Miral, Jochi et al belong will spell their species’ common name as “Catt” with the first letter always capitalized. Similarly, the Catt home world would be “Cattia” with its inhabitants formally referred to as “Cattians” or a”Cattian”. Likewise the adjective and adverb form would also be “Cattian” or “cattian”. That would disambiguate references to Homo Sapiens Felis (Felis Sapiens?) and Felis Catus.

    • Technically, I think it would be Homo-Felis Sapiens, as their base genetic structure is human, with cat grafted into it.
      And I kinda like Catia and Catians, or Cats, for short. Although, I suppose that it COULD be confusing when talking about house cats with a Catian present…

  6. Just thought I’d throw this out here; the Catian Kingdom’s national anthem SHOULD be, “Putting Out The Fire” by David Bowie… (It was the theme song for the movie “Cat People”)

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