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  1. “They need me, I don’t need them.”
    Ah, yes, the “needy”. I call ’em ” baby birds” cause they’re helpless on their own. Never grateful. Always with their mouths open demanding more. It’s kinda cute when it’s baby animals – not so much when it’s erstwhile “adults”. Got a T-shirt with the legend, ” Contrary to popular opinion, nobody owes you anything.” What do you think?

    • I think we owe everyone the opportunity to succeed. That does not mean paving the way for them, it means not standing in their way. Now if they think their path to success is through me or at my expense, I owe them the ass kicking that is the natural outcome of that line of thought.

      • “I think we owe everyone the opportunity to succeed.” Or as Jefferson put it, a right to pursue happiness however one might conceive it. Nobody has a right to happiness per se; only the right to pursue it. Most especially nobody has a right to another’s labor or the fruits thereof. AND one person’s right to pursue happiness ends when/where it intersects another’s. Problem as I see it today is that far too many people’s concept of happiness involves violating the rights of others and denying them the liberty to pursue happiness as they define it. They are entirely welcome to fuck up their own lives but I get testy when they start looking to fuck up mine. My life is mine to live and fuck up however I wish. And yes, I know that there are others who are part of my life and so I have a responsibility to do my best not to fuck up their lives while I live mine. Unfortunately, since I am approaching my threescore-and-ten that ship has largly sailed.

  2. is it just me,? or does that “shelf” (panel 3&4) look right out of a “Atlas Shelter.”?

  3. ‘Secret door’

    This kid has a future. Whether it is in this comic or just in that reality, is the next question 😛

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