You just made Miral's shit list. Not a safe place to be.
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  1. he dies,, he dies,, all the guys die… an this is why i would never make it as a cop.. all rapist (King was not.) an pedophiles, would not make it to court….

    ..a worthy Grandmaster.. he can size you up an tell your fighting style..
    hum.. don’t know about under shirt.. but he is wearing a studded (brocade) gambeson (aketon), with bracers. i cant tell if the jerkin (jacket) is suede or leather..
    except for a straight thrust (stab), a gambeson will turn or block just about any glancing cuts. (an im willing to bet the bracers have reinforcement to stop blade strikes..)

    • Think “Light and flexible.”

      • i don’t think, i know.. i wear similar at least once a week..
        no this description was more for those not in the know..
        my weekly wear.. (non combat) aramid long sleeve under shirt, 6mm micro mail (quarter length sleeves) , dress gambeson (like his), an jerkin.. bracers , only when doing Archery..

  2. Her parents taught her to survive:

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