Old friends resurface at the wrong time.
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  1. I love that table. Any idea what kind of wood it is supposed to be?

    • Not a clue. Maybe ask an exotic wood supplier?
      There’s one in Savannah, but with all this rain turning my road into soup, I don’t know when I can get there.
      Drove my car for the first time in eight months because I needed groceries. It needs tires.
      My 40,000 mile Coopers have 65,000 miles on them and they’re tired.
      Problem is finding a good dealer.

      • as a do it yourself-er.. it probably is a fake wood ,, to many inconsistencies ( to many ring patterns in one piece..) ,, or a bunch of rings , glued an blended to look as one..
        i can make a PVC pipe look like a log , that out door types look right past (geocache..)

      • tires.. since like you, i drive a little (what i can’t do on bike) an not need high performance tires.. i go to junk yard an buy a set including a spare (on rims) for bout $100 an sell old rims back for about $20.. so $80…
        4 rotations in 8 years an not one problem… (an not even $300 spent yet…)

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