She made it look easy.
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  1. Been thinking on this one as I walked this morning. So far, VERY lucky with this war. But there’s Got to be Hell coming somewhere. *blink* Oh, Not the Earth….

    • I haven’t shown much of the fighting, have I?
      The Cats are having their last major battle now, Spike and most of the pilots are involved.
      The Navy will be going through the wormhole soon to recover slaves and return them home.
      And there’s Stage Three:

      • Random Thought. After reading Gary’s comment I began to wonder about the detection of a cloaked ship in TGW-161, this does not match up with the descriptions other ships of the Slavers mentioned so far. Is there someone else lying in wait?

  2. If the Dragon Empire and the Catians decide to attack Lamia, be prepared to see some of our favorite people not make it. Right now, blockading the Northern Wormhole is good but doesn’t rescue the slaves on the other side. With some of the Humans in both their Navy and Army not liking slavery, I wonder what percentage of the Lamia civilians are willing to release the Catian slaves? And Pertercat, thanks for the reset.

    • No problem, it’s DAMNED good to see you here again!
      Don’t forget, the Catians own the entire Lamian space Navy… And Lamia doesn’t know it… yet.

      • I didn’t realize they owned it all. I thought only those that came through the wormhole recently.

        • Yep. That was all of it. With the exception of a few things that I’m saving for later in the story.

  3. I’ll try not to be such a stranger this time. Since I found The Gentle Wolf, I have read through the entirety six times since I first commented in 2018 I think.

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