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Cat College
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  1. hehe,, what should you call that…

    an i know it is the art,, but i still expect them (the littler one’s) to carry AKMS..

    ..snirk.. “be nice or go away.”

  2. I understand the impulse, but looking back isn’t going to help Allen and will only slow him down, even if he doesn’t trip or run into something. The fact that he’s the smartest of the four doesn’t mean he isn’t stupid. The drone is flying lower than necessary, I think, and I think that is specifically so no one can claim the Cats used it to track him. I could see him smiling insolently into its cameras. In this race, he’s the tortoise, not the hare.

    I’m surprised and how quickly at ease the new (to us) Cats are around these Terran humans, but then I remind myself they have direct evidence that not all humans are slavers, rapists and murderers.

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