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  1. Sam

    Two flights of Dragonflies? That’s what – six ships?
    That’s a LOT of firepower if anyone tries to mess with them.

    • Eight. They’ve gone to the 2+2 format that worked
      so well in the WWII Pacific campaign.

      • Sam

        Even better.

      • JasonAW3

        They obviously plan to bring the boom, should it be needed…

  2. Well that was anticlimactic to say the least. I
    guess we get to find out what Taritha was so all
    fired motivated to tell Teresa on Friday. {sigh}

    • She’s got a shopping list, The hornies have (unofficially)
      joined the Empire, The (maybe) FTL drive was confirmed,
      and the multi-race colony has started on the Buns planet
      and several Buns are in training for ship crews.
      I’d say great / good / bad news gag would fit here eh?

  3. Sam

    Potty first. Always!
    Discussion after.

  4. Skycats? Is that anything like what happened when our cat decided
    to bite my toe while I was sleeping? Well she didn’t get much air,
    my dresser got into the way Heh. I’m glad they have backup,
    I’m sure that area has been pretty much lawless since the fall.

    POTTY EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Poor Taritha, I thought they added a pota-potty for her?

    • Kiddeagle

      Litterbox was in the back.

    • porta-potty, when traveling, how often does
      a female pass a ‘rest area’.? even tho you
      are traveling in a RV with facilities..
      oh yeah,, don’t get me started on ‘hunter
      toilets’ and females,. (litterbox)

      • Sam

        ‘Hunter toilets’? Way back when, I just looked for a convenient log to sit on.
        Less strain on the calf muscles than squatting.

      • A 5 gal bucket, a toilet seat, and a handy stick stuck in the
        ground for a roll holder is the only porta-potty I ever knew.
        Oh and a camping shovel for the “flush” feature…

  5. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Sooooo……it’s a meet-&-greet with teeth.

    • JasonAW3

      Sharp, pointy teeth…

  6. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    It will be interesting to see the new flag.

  7. Drac

    Now this is a familiar situation. Sometimes, when approaching
    a destination during long travel, the closer to that
    destination one is, the greater the need for the facilities…
    practically an inverse-square relationship.

    • That’s normal psychology, like hearing water trickling
      makes you have to go (at my age, just filling my
      thermos with coffee / water makes me rush), the
      more you think about it, the more you need to go.

  8. Jan

    A question, PC. Is Miral still on maternity leave
    or is this from another part of the timeline?

  9. Overwatch AND supplies! Nice reminder to the
    wastes that being friends is a good idea :}

    Minor visual glitch?
    There is no groove in the floor for the lock door.

    • … the floor groove rises so it is flush,
      and not a trip hazard…
      .. um yeah thats it.!..

    • Model glitch is my guess; as in the guy who built the model either
      forgot to model it or figured it would be too much trouble to model
      it. Sometimes the simplest things can be a real hassle to model. The
      grooves on the side would be trivial. The floor would mean a
      discontinuity in an otherwise seamless structure. Or the modeller
      just figured nobody would notice.

  10. an no one, the chess set..

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