Shock the Shitstains.
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  1. JasonAW3

    Omg! Jim’s become… Establishment!

    One should never make threats unless one
    know the full details of the opposition…

  2. Scarsdale

    And the hippie outrage starts in 3…2…1… I’m sorry but the girl in roller skates
    looks like she’s on meth or worse! I feel for Jim he’s going to go through hell until
    he can get through those protestors, unless they outright attack him physically which
    is very possible…
    The protests in the 60’s showed me that, not the flower children they got a bad rap
    there but the black panther riots and the anti-draft riots come to mind there. The
    flower power group was peaceful but by then the cops were so uptight by then they

    How did I know! Yes! The Ptera were on board with the Catians I’m not even slightly
    surprised, the changes have begun. So far these two (I’m looking at you, screaming
    meme) and the horned one are the only real issue after the core humans and that just
    got shut down. So now the question is who is going to try and take out the Catians
    and the Terrans? I’m thinking the demon types will enlist the horned ones and their
    own to try. (Actually they look more bat-like to me.)

    • Another question would be why the Ptera voted yes? What do they know?
      The ships haven’t returned from their visit to Catia yet, their ambassador
      doesn’t know about the events there.
      I gave you a hint earlier.

      • Scarsdale

        I have ideas but I’d rather see it unfold, besides I don’t want to
        mess up your plans if I’m right. spoilers…

  3. JasonAW3

    Welp, Monday at 7:00 am central time, I’m getting my throat slit…
    Thyroid cancer sucks…

    • Please keep us posted.

    • yes,, posted.. please.
      thoughts an prayers…

    • Scarsdale

      I can relate. Hang in there
      you’ll feel better as soon as
      you wake up, trust me.

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