A Matter of Trust.
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  1. Rescued, because it’s the right thing
    to do and Seth is linked to our Empress.
    The two don’t really know
    what they have unleashed in the Bunnies.
    They will soon learn.

  2. “Why did you go to all the trouble to rescue us?”
    Mostly because the Empress has a psychic connection to him
    which was threatening her sanity. AND it was the right thing to do.
    Sometimes (not often) the universe allows everyone to profit.
    (Be careful looking in horses’ mouths.)

    • They can’t tell Diana that, but once they are back home and able
      to meet Teresa, she’ll decide whether or not to tell her, I’m quite
      sure Seth will know Teresa within seconds. This is the biggest
      issue the Empire faces, no one believes there’s no strings attached.

  3. That poor girl, barely of age to have children and already as cynical as a 40 y/o.
    Don’t fret darlin’ these people won’t force you to work, they give you the
    opportunity to work for YOURSELF! And the choice to help the Empire in the

    PC you dog! Bill and I have been talking about that ship and you go and give
    us a close up?!? 😛 It does bare a very close resemblance to the proposed design
    for the warp ship those RL scientists have been displaying. Nothing like the ST
    Enterprise warp ship, too short and slimmer ring profile. That looks more like
    a P’teran LR Scout with a much bigger drive section. Plus the nacelles and rings.

    • This is more or less what I was going to reply to your statement above it:
      There ARE strings attached, but they’re flexible and voluntary. You have
      incurred a debt, an Obligation. How you respond to it is up to you, and
      will tell us what we need to know about you. If you ask we will give you
      options, but we WON’T tell you what do do, that would spoil the test.

      I started to ask if this is how Pterans treat their own cadets, and it occurs
      to me it probably is. They’re reptiles. Think of sea turtles: OK, kids, egg
      times over. The sea’s over there. Mind the seagulls and RUN! Prove you
      deserve to survive.

      • Yes and no, many times they have said “If you want to join, there will be
        responsibilities. If not, you’re free to go.” Those 2 are freed slaves, nothing
        more. Teresa herself said what Seth does after he recovers is up to him,
        and his sister, but they will give the offer to join and live the right way.
        If they leave, there’s a HUGE risk it’ll happen again and no one will come
        to their aid this time. I’m sure Diana will realize this.

        Anytime there’s a time crunch, normal steps are skipped and the recruits
        are subjected to extreme training, The Empire has done it multiple times
        before, starting with the Wolf Pack. You’re no doubt right about the P’tera,
        but it also fits in with the Empire’s ideas.

  4. StripeCoat

    Why indeed, because the Empire hates slavery and that is
    what Seth and his sister were being treated as.

    I think it is a staged scenerio;
    EASY; The existing invasion force but with upgraded weapons
    and systems compared to what is expected. Logical purpose to invade the
    rabbits home and strip-mine the planet. The upgraded weapons and systems the
    Empires best guess at the new/refurbished war fleet of the core.
    DIFFICULT; the current force is passing through the system; to be followed
    by a much stronger force which appears as the captain deals with the current force.
    Logical purpose to invade the Dogishun (have I got that name right?) system.
    IMPOSSIBLE; A third wave of ships appear via FTL. Logical purpose to start the
    hot war with the Empire by invading Catia
    UNLIKELY; my cascade failure of the ship’s system while they are distracted with current fleet.
    THE RED HERRING; any of the above, but it isn’t a simulation.

    • The Buns have been hiding from an invasion for a while and the computer knows this,
      so it’s depicting that very scenario to them to see if they can handle it calmly and to
      act accordingly. I agree that it’s more logical it isn’t here for the Buns, but on it’s way
      to mess with the Dogs, if they stay calm and not trigger an attack, they would be able
      to know that the Dogs were more than able to handle the attack and keep a watchful
      eye on what they were going to do. I doubt it’s real, the Captain would of been
      sprinting back to the bridge if it were.

  5. I believe her worries will fade once they see how the Empire functions,
    meeting Teresa and Johnathan will go a long way for that. I feel once
    she knows it to be true, that the Legion would be a good choice for her,
    to give back what she’s been given. The same for Seth, once he knows
    how much Teresa cares for the Legion, and it’s the safest place for
    someone with his abilities since most of them know about Teresa’s

    • I don’t have to, I already knew. to try and force the entire world to switch
      over is a pipe dream, no one has the power production or the infrastructure
      to support that massive amount of power that charging that many EV’s at
      once would require. Push it yes, OVER TIME, not overnight.
      I seen a interview with Neil Tyson Degauce who was asked about this,
      And he launched into a detailed explanation.
      Basically he compared crude oil to salt, salt was a food preservative, you had to
      have it or risk starving during the winters, when the ice box and refrigeration
      was invented it was down-sized to a seasoning. He said it will be what will
      happen to crude oil, when the world is ready to produce enough power for all
      those EV’s, crude oil will become no more important that salt is now. I like the
      sound of that myself…

    • yeah, these early stages of are often just moving legacy resource consumption further back
      in the chain. But gotta start somewhere, and hopefully the larger generators are properly
      using their economies of scale to be more efficient than scattering so many smaller engines
      around. When will folk realize those in-ground fuels are limited resources, and much more useful as
      industrial feed stock, instead of just burning them :{

      We only get one cradle world, it should be a wilderness park, not an industrial park.

      • An industrial world decorated with plastic,
        soot, and the bones of dead animals, yes….

      • Progress is a slow, lumbering animal, it doesn’t move fast,
        and it rarely moves the way we want. But it does move. I
        blame those people in places of power that can’t be bothered
        with facts and figures, knowledge, or understanding. All they
        know is they want it, they want it bad, and they want it NOW.
        They don’t care what or who it harms, or the downside, only
        the bragging rights of getting it first. If you pressure the beast
        of change, it may run away, crushing and destroying anything
        in it’s path,or suddenly sit down and not move. But if you
        guide it along the right path, at it’s own pace, wondrous things
        happen. If they rush the needed changes that EV needs to
        happen, every part of the world economy will crash, and things
        will get way more harder to deal with.

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