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  1. Paul

    Great job with the facial expressions of the trio at the table. If the trollops eyes get any bigger they will fall out and Biff’s mouth is catching flies as well. Real change in the rescues’ faces.

  2. President Elect B Woodman

    I’M LOVIN’ IT! ROFLOLMFAO!! Every word that Jami and Cherry are saying is the Gospel innocent truth, but it’s Biff and Krew that have the dirty minds. But now I have to wait to find out what condition Jami wants from Cherry. Will he blow the cover? Or add fuel to the fire?
    And what will Biff do? Besides continue to catch flies?

  3. Dastardly Dan

    You outdid yourself, Catman!

    • You’re right great comments. I was waiting for him to just toss him over the railing. Elbows more elbows.

  4. Paul

    Wonder what the condition is? Go on a date first or wear less revealing clothes or both. Dress nice and go on a date. Only Catman knows. I am old enough to have listened to the Shadow on radio. Only the Shadow knows.

    • Dastardly Dan

      Break Biff’s other arm

  5. Paul

    Kiss me another option.

  6. JasonAW3

    Is it just me, or did Cherry gain about a foot in height?

    While I think the new dog model is great for emotions and expressions, I was kind of expecting a bit more of a.muzzle on their faces.

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