Unless their past involves really bad choices.
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  1. Jan

    But he is NOT invisible? 😉

    • He does look different from.Jimmie Stewart’s. Reckon he’s over 6′ tall?

  2. Rabbits? What do you figure is their favorite dance?

  3. HAW HA HA HAW (cough choke) Rabbits named Harvey? Oh wow that got me!
    (dammit gotta wipe down my monitor again!) VERY good one PC!! His mate looks
    cute, so they might look mainly human, but the jokes! Wow I’m glad I’m not the
    LT. there, I’d of been smerking and shaking trying to keep a straight face the
    whole time… Oh no, I just had an awful thought, the “furries” on earth will go
    totally bonkers over this new race. Clearly they were just another “lessor race”
    that got (again) the short end of the stick from the core. That toxic waste alone
    will wreck any hope for the area of the planet to easily to be usable again.
    Maybe in time, but they may have to relocate if not leave the planet for a while
    until the cleanup is done. If i know of anything mercury is a common thing to
    use in strip mining. It’s been banned for decades on earth… mostly…

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