Small women are disarming.
In more ways than one.
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  1. hehe ,, the server bringing out the first aid kit.!!
    all brawn, no brain… now she will embarrass you.!!

    i personally think that the mountain of demerits was from embarrassing the “Ladies” .. but the Col. claimed em an gave more, to ease His embarrassment… would not be surprised if the Col. had him “black listed” with other brass (not officially)

  2. Sheesh. Like taking his shirt off is supposed to be Intimidating or something…

  3. I see two possible scenarios. One goes something like so; Dan: “Three!” {WHAM} Gilbert, massaging knuckles of his right hand: “OWWW!!!! No Fair! She Cheated. She went before I was ready!” Dan: “But I clearly said, “On the count of three begin.” Gilbert: “But I still wasn’t ready!” Mavia: OK, How ’bout best two outta three?” Gilbert: “You’re on!” Next panel: Dan: “Three!” {WHAMMMM!!!!} Gilbert, cradling his (red and visibly swollen) right hand: “OOOWWWWW!!!!” {wimper} “Three outta five?” Mavia, grinning ferally – literally from ear to ear as only Cats can: “I’m game if you are.” Last panel: Mavia and Gilbert not in frame. Minka, Vashti, Negron, Jochi, Garion, Felah, Lessa and the rest of the cats are watching the action occurring off panel Dan: “Three!” {WHAAAAMMMMMMMM!!!! (think the boom af an Abrams main gun) Gilbert (out of frame): “AAAIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!

    On the other hand it could go soething like: Dan “Three!” Next panel: No movement by either Mavia or Gilbert. Gilbert’s face is turning red and there is sweat on his forehead. Mavia: “Dude! Show us what you got!” Panel 3: Gilbert’s face is a dark read and sweat is dripping off his forehead. Veins are bulging on gilbert’s forehed, neck and right arm. Mavia, grinning ferally – literally from ear to ear as only Cats can: “C’mon Dude! Is that all you got?” Panel 4: {WWHHHAAAMMMMM!!!} Gilbert: “OOOWWWWW” Holding his (red and visibly swollen) right hand. Mavia with sly smile: “Sorry dude. Did I hurt ya?”

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