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Stairway to heaven
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  1. So, do they serve time in prison until they’re mostly dead, and then get the hemp necktie? Seems the right sequence to me. Otherwise they miss all that sweet time behind bars.

  2. as i said before ,, each charge is a separate issue.. then the verdict is worst to simplest .. IE: hanging, then if rope breaks , two back to back life sentences , an in hinkman case add 40 years After all that..
    unless the judge specifies the order..

  3. Hung with a short rope. Ugh! Short rope means no drop thus no broken neck. Strangulation is a nasty way to go. If they and their slime ball lawyers (with apologies to slime balls everywhere) have any sense at all, they’ll ask King to commute the hanging sentence to Catian Justice. Not knowing what we know about Cats they’ll figure “How hard can it be to stay ahead of one little ol’ pussy cat?” Now correct me if I’m wrong, but in 379 didn’t fat slime ball shyster tell the guys that they didn’t have to worry about being hanged because Felah had requested Catian Justice and The Emperor had granted her wish? I’m confused.

    • Patience, Bill. All will be made clear by Wednesday.
      Of course, there will be more questions by then…

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