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  1. Well, this is interesting… I wonder just how similar, internally, to at errands the Cattians are? Stitching together their muscles and tissues is going to take something a bit tougher than ‘cat gut’…

    Tessa’s logic, as usual, is pretty much spot on. One has to wonder how they are going to rejoin Cattian society in the future… Might not have been a bad idea to emigrate to Earth…

    • Teresa isn’t finished. There’s more.
      And internal layout is pretty much the same.

  2. ‘Only partially terraformed.’ Therefore a great deal of heavy work ahead of them. The other clans will take their efforts into account, as they fight against the elements to prove themselves.

  3. See what I mean about me ignoring the obvious? Clearly her first priority HAS to be what is good for the Empire — that’s inherent in her position as well as aligning with her personality. Saying anything more right now might run afoul of our desire to avoid current real world politics. So it didn’t occur to me that was what you were after.

    Ginny’s observations about the toughness of Cats amuses me, because I’ve run across a slew of the “Humans are Space Orcs” memes recently, like the fact that people say “Healthy as a horse”, when a human can take damage that would flat KILL a horse and keep coming. Endurance predators are scary.

    • Remember their sick, twisted creator. Cats were designed to survive damage that would kill a human.

    • Oh, my God, I hadn’t made the connection of her words to modern times!
      It was purely unintentional, I was merely writing what I believe.

  4. In order to avoid internet toxicity, I am binge-watching Tokyo Mew-Mew online.
    I can feel my mind slipping into the cute-happy place. Bliss.

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