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  1. P3: Did Gopi speak?

    • Sam

      It certainly would appear so.
      They’re apparently no longer in the town she grew up in,
      so she isn’t afraid of possibly saying something “wrong”.

      Ooh, Taritha’s gonna run what she brung!

  2. for the Taritha nay sayers.. Jerry Miculek.
    he may not have done it exactly like her,
    but he has done it..

    • I don’t know how he does it, but I’ve won bets against people who said it couldn’t be done.
      My way is to not point them in the same direction, but slightly to the left and right. Keep
      scanning the target range by moving your head back and forth, making sure to keep the
      sights aligned with your eyes. Fire whichever gun is aligned closest to the popup target.
      Sometimes you’ll be firing the same gun two or three times in a row if the targets come
      up on that side. Double stack magazines help, I had two Hungarian Hi-Powers at the time.
      They looked like junk, but that was part of the setup, I’d tuned them myself. Shimmed the
      rails, polished the sears and ramps, etc.
      I could reliably hit eighteen out of twenty pop-ups in eight seconds that way.

      • Ah, you guys are talking about that type of range,
        I’ve only gone to one that had spotters. No pop-ups
        or a “Hogan’s Ally”. If they are still called that.

      • JasonAW3

        Oh man, why did you give that secret away?
        Most people don’t know about tweaking a Hi-Power like that!
        Out of the box, they’re kind of ok, in my experience, but get
        someone who knows what they’re doing, (looking at you PC)
        they can become pretty reliable and accurate.

        • The first thing you do to make the trigger pull much smoother is
          remove that damned magazine disconnect.
          Then turn down an oversized barrel to barely fit the slide nose.
          Piano wire in the frame rails. filed and smoothed for a snug fit.
          Of course, polish the sear. I still have a few tubes of diamond
          paste around here somewhere. I think they’re with my CZ-52 that
          I’ve been customizing. For several years now. One of these days,
          I’ll get back to that job.

  3. Well said, an open border is a recipe for disaster.

    Cool, Taritha is a gal after my own heart. Rifles
    are for those with steady hands, good eyes,
    and practice.

  4. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Damn! Now I have to wait until Saturday to find out
    what Taritha does, and how well she does it.

    And the top four panels are everything that needs
    to be said about today’s politics.

    • And it needs to be said often, articulately, and probably loudly.
      There actually is a solution to our immigration problems. However,
      the Republicans won’t pass it, because they want the cheap
      employees, and the Democrats won’t pass it, because they want
      the cheap votes. The solution? A good, biometric-linked, non-
      counterfeitable identity card for every resident. Without it, you
      don’t vote, you don’t get get any government services, you
      don’t get a job, you don’t get a Social Security car or a tax ID,
      don’t get on an airplane, ship, bus, or train, you don’t get a
      credit card, you don’t get a loan, you don’t rent a residence,
      you don’t enter a government building, you don’t go to school,
      you don’t get a bank account. Yes, I know people who call that
      “The Mark of the Beast.” Hooey. Switzerland has done it for
      100 years.

      • Some would say as such, but a card can be stolen and rigged to work,
        same with a implanted chip or tattooed bar-code. There’s an old saying
        that if someone can make it, someone else can fake it. There is no
        simple, easy answer to it, other than time and money, and constant
        changes and updates to the system. Time and time again people have
        tried to secure something and someone else figured a way around it.
        The entire hacking community is based on that idea.

        • An example is the Playstation 2 console had a “foolproof”
          system of preventing bootlegged games to be playable.
          Turns out someone figured it out that all they did was add
          a micro-switch on the tray or lid that told the machine it
          was opened and to verify the disk. All you had to do was
          either use the manual eject hole with a paperclip or in
          the new models cut a disk-sized hole in the lid, then exit
          out of a legal game, install the bootleg one, and “restart”
          the original game. As long as the tray/lid wasn’t opened
          normally, the console didn’t verify it. It’s the simplest trick
          that no one would think of that gets past security.

  5. Woodsman

    Many Moons ago I fired an M1 on a popup range 10 to 300 yards,
    did damn well. I’ve heard the Marines used a 1000-yard range
    as well, I wish I could have tried that.

    • little over a year ago,. 4 of us shooters took 10 non shooters,.
      and one anti gunner,. Since we were teaching, none of us
      shooters were shooting, and the ag commented on this,,
      just as i was getting ready to shoot the M1. (about 50 feet out,
      was a skinny coke can target.) i shot the can into the air,, and
      kept it dancing for the other 7. then caught the clip on the ping..

  6. Immigrants through the front door? Hell yeah,
    that is most of our family lines.

    Illegal aliens? Breaking into house is not a
    good start to a relationship :{

  7. Michael

    The Roman empire did not die because of immigrants it died mostly because of
    internal wars between Oligarchs and their private armies. The roman empire
    was very good in integrating more and more citizens and later because of the
    armies were busy fighting each other they invited tribes from outside to come,
    participate on the roman civilization and guard the borders. That way they got
    different empires inside their own empire. The best way to destroy an empire
    is to allow military to build a separate state inside the state. They also freed
    serfs who were before bound to the roman upper crusties of the empire and
    then building their own lives, what shifted power to the provinces as well.
    Also the Justinianic pest played an important role. There is a couple of reasons.
    Immigrants by itself were not the cause of the fall. East Rome continued until
    it was more and more under pressure of different muslim empires until it was
    finally defeated in 1453. the pest epidemic hundred years earlier also played
    a role. In east rome latin stayed the language of the upper crust and
    administration but the people spoke greek but considered themselves as
    Romans even the people in greece. To be a greek was connected with pagan
    times in the eyes of the east rome citizens.

    • Please watch your line length.
      Many readers have small screens,
      and constantly side-scrolling to
      read someone’s comment is a pain.

    • Thanks for the abbreviated history lesson.
      What does that have to do with the story?

      • Michael

        The fall of empires is mostly not with immigration but by internal fighting between Oligarchs.

        • Never said that it was. A nation or empire that allows unchecked immigration
          will always fall, though.
          It might exist as a place with the same name, but it won’t be the same nation.
          It won’t be the same culture.
          And no, not all cultures are equal.
          If there are no other factors that make it fall first, of course.

  8. Michael

    The roman empire got changed by turning christian over time but still stayed the roman empire. A different empire than it was before, kind of.

  9. Michael

    The idea of the roman empire was: we defeat an enemy with our military. we put our law in place and take taxes – the rest is matter of the local people.
    The matter of the local people was different in different areas and changed over time. There was not one roman culture just one roman law.
    New people with new culture – no problem as long as they follow the law. There was a problem in religion. The one god of the christians did not fit, but the roman empire survived that too.

  10. Michael

    It might not stayed the same society over the centuries but what society is stagnant? Stagnation means death.
    When a language does not change anymore then its a dead language.

  11. Michael

    I do admit, that a local community does not feel comfortable with more than 10% newly arrived strangers. According to social experimentation.

  12. Michael

    I might have problems with more than 10% islamists in my neighborhood and with more than 10% evangelical extremists too. I did work in north africa for many years and can say there are as many muslim sects and directions as there are christian ones. Most are ok and tolerant to each other but you always have the few outliers. In some countries more extremists than in others.
    In libya there were religious villages and cities and others quite secular. A patchwork.

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