Ride of the Valkyre.
A ship of many missions.
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  1. easy sell..an with her buying that quick,, i would say meet went well..

    and ‘why’ the name change,, after you get to know em…

    that sed.: read ahead,, panel 3, tag,. 2nd tag is confusing,, (“wait.? why tag,, when you said already had one.?”)(i know what you are referencing..but still confusing.)
    an personal idea: last panel, some type of “emergency” exit.. other wise looks like a cell..

  2. No, a lot of species donn’t like us. We’re honest, Not diplomats. Want to get hold of even the lowest bit of our tech? Tough. Figure it out on your own, shouldn’t take but a few hundred millennia. And count yourselves fortunate that we stand between you and the likes of the Old Ones- at least one of whom is Related. Figure out your own lives, don’t make trouble for others. But never forget that we Will come running if you really need the help.

    Hope that you never find out why you would need our help.

  3. Oh, right- the Dragonflies. Well that one is on Ruhk and myself. Of course my people have rather mixed feelings where I am concerned, so this just fits right in…..

  4. yep.! beautiful day for a ride.!! 🙂

  5. Happy Kitty on a motorcycle is happy!

    Out of curiosity, are the oxygen masks they have made to also fit Catian facial structures?

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