Yay, Jon!
Yay, Kelsie!
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  1. ? umm i thought Teresa’s ability was touch..?? if she did this (how.!!) then she leveled, an learned a new spell.!! ..or the dragons did it .. but i don’t see why they would.!

    .. sappy proposal.. but those are the best kind…

  2. Either there’s massive continuity error between panels 3 & 4 in the Earth story line or a corpse crawled out from under a sheet and disappeared. Is it possible that a group of dragonflies working together could teleport a human? The cause of everything turning green and the apparent revivification of a corpse I don’t know. The simplest explanation is that Teresa somehow teleported into the room, knocked out the people IN the room, healed and revived the dead person and teleported back out. Alternatively, somehow using the dragonflies’ teleportation ability she remotely healed and revivified the patient. The experience of “everything turning green and people losing consciousness” could be a side effect of either the teleportation or the remote healing.

  3. Beautiful.

    The way I see it, several dragonflies in concert CAN do some of the things a dragon can, or a dragon helped out. This includes teleporting at least one human and making humans go to sleep for a while. The first is something new, I think, but reasonable given what we’ve seen dragons do. The second we have seen, unless I’m remembering wrong, and I can’t check right now.

    In room 318, a group of dragonflies (or a dragon) ported in invisibly, and put Chira and a hospital employee, possibly a doctor, to sleep, then ported Teresa in, let her heal Larissa, and ported her out. This may have been the second action, since the other was more pressing and would probably take longer. The other action I suspect was first hasn’t been hinted at yet, so I won’t risk a spoiler by voicing my guess, but I think it’s obvious given this.

    I suspect also that any security cameras will have failed for some reason.

    Well done, Petercat

    And Jon, good decision. This girl is a keeper. Let her control the family finances. She extrapolated the likely effects of hypothetical trade with an entity she only just discovered amazingly quickly, and correctly.

    • umm that’s Jon Walker… he was on phone (by his hand..)
      Kelsi : very smart ,, she did not get where she is by just looks alone.. an by choice a street rat , gold-digger.. couldn’t find love, so tried to marry the money…

      • Ah, you’re right. And my “other action” has just been discovered in Theatre One. I thought that was a reply, but it’s a second alarm.

  4. not corpse .. that’s Larissa.. an i’m guessing ,, she pulled her feet up to sit up…

    edit: this is reply to Bill Mullins

  5. Considering our recent conversation, I am now even more curious what you have coming up with Kajm.

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