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  1. So a 27-hour day by Earth standards. And nice move, giving them an Economic incentive to conform.

    • Oh, I think you’ll like Wednesday’s “incentive” even better.

  2. if I remember correctly a Dragon is roughly $10.00. what are the lower currencies?

    • A Dragon started out as $10.00, but with the Imperial tax policy and hands-off business approach, it’s buying power is almost double that.
      The Ruhk was $1.00, and the Kajm was $.10.
      The governments only receives income from a 25% sales tax, no property, corporate, income or other taxes. 12% to the Empire, 8% to the kingdoms, 5% to localities (City and town).
      Also profits from Naval endeavors, such as asteroid mining.
      The core philosophy of the Empire is here:
      As a result, governments within the Empire and their agencies are rather small and inexpensive.

      • I like the philosophy, a lot like what I believe anyway. the question I have, is in the interest of TANSTAAFL who would pay for the drug users place of staying? and food and such? As I also don’t believe in non-profit type organizations, which lead to massive corruption, such as what happened with wounded warrior, or the vast amount of profit Goodwill makes, then doesn’t pass on to those in need. And I do not think the government should have anything to do with it.

        • I haven’t got that far. Maybe as part of a crime-control initiative? Part of the law enforcement budget?
          Or maybe financed by insurance companies to lower claims for drug-related crimes?
          Make some suggestions, please.

          • Part of that cost would be borne by the client, who would work for the establishment to the best of his ability as part of his rehab.
            If COMPLETELY unable to work, he would be a ward of the State and a burden of the State.
            Same for anyone ill or injured who did not have insurance.
            And insurance would be annuities funded by the individual through private companies. These would be transferrable without penalty to a different company. This would be incentive for the companies to pay well and stay honest.
            All of these things would take time to put into place.
            Charities COULD exist, but would be treated as a corporation by the Government, no special treatment. The ones that went corrupt would die from lack of funding.
            Just a few starting thoughts…

      • Alright, where’s my gun….

  3. Catman, I canNOT for the life of me find those Miral pix you asked about . Please resend. TIA

    • Done. Any idea how I can send you larger files? 10MB and 130MB?

      • if you have a Dropbox account you can put your files in there, send him the link, and he can download them from there

        • Thanks, but Dropbox at a minimum is $120.00 a year. ($9.95/month)
          I’m spending too much on this webcomic as it is.

          • Perhaps your web host can provide an FTP site.
            And we DO need a way to contribute, Paypal or Square or something that would be easy, secure and low cost.

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