You've seen the stick, now 
behold the carrot!
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  1. Sam

    Taritha first shows the stick, then offers the carrot.

  2. I saw the following in an advert for T-shirts. Maybe being old isn’t completely bad.

    No, I can’t do snapchat or tiktok
    I can write in cursive
    Do math without a calculator
    And tell time on a clock with hands.

    • I love it! I’d like one that reads:

      No, dinosaurs were before my time
      No, cell phones were just 30 years ago
      Yes, I did have “rabbit ears” on my TV
      With tin foil.
      Yes, phones were on the wall with wires
      No, the internet is less than 50 years old

      • Chryzopraz

        Arguably Internet _is_ 50 years old:

        • me

          Most people identify internet with “http ‘n stuff”.
          That started around 1989.

          And early ARPANET was neither exactly public
          nor wide-spread 😉

        • Back in 1983 I had bought an Atari 1200 and heard about
          the internet that ran at a “blistering” 9600 baud and thought,
          5 years later I bought my fist PC and by then it was moving at
          28kps but tied up the phone line so it still wasn’t all that

  3. Talk nice Sally, I doubt they’d do anything, other than to stop
    talking to you. I hope she’s been listening to Mike and
    will act accordingly.

    I doubt Slimy is softened up enough but one can hope,
    I keep visioning that hammerhead whining and stomping his feet,
    making demands like a spoiled child with no hope of getting
    his way, but tries anyway. Appealing to his greed with
    something close to what he wants might do the trick…

    • Dreamfox

      Just wait, I have the feeling that he is going to be just the
      messenger and whatever the offer is, it might tear the coalition
      of the Core Worlds apart. Right now they think in ‘us’ as in
      ‘the Core Worlds’, but if even one of them starts thinking of
      ‘us’ as in my own people?
      We will see.

      • The Empire has already done that with the P’tera,
        “turning” them away from the core ideology. Slimy
        realized it and has a lot to do with his meltdown.
        Although he thinks it’s because they are cowards.
        Or straight up traitors.

    • robnot

      “what he wants.” – – think school yard bully,,. that’s all he (they) is.
      you have upset the status quo. ,, now he (they) will attack you, and
      harass you,. and make it your fault.! (“you attacked our ship.”)
      When this goes before the core (counsel) it will be this..
      “THEY attacked us.! we were minding our own business,
      we did “NOTHING” to them.!!”
      and no matter what ‘you’ do, you are at fault..
      so.. get them (trick) to attack, while a independent (high rank)
      watches,. IE: let them attack (take) “The Pride.” while a core
      ambassador (not one seen yet.) is aboard,

      • They’ve already attacked them while at Xanadu with witnesses
        claiming they are pirates while it was their own ships that tried
        to pirate the Pride. The P’tero ships are just doing their jobs and
        protecting as part of their jobs. Queen Ann’gijin told Slimy as much
        and he didn’t like it.
        So Taritha is going to change his mind (hopefully) about using their
        trade fleets to save their economy rather than fighting a war they
        can’t win. The core will follow suit if they can be made to see the

        • JasonAW3

          One way or another, they WILL see the light.

          Be it in lightened self interest or the light of a high yield kinetic impactor,
          They WILL see the light…

  4. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    In the next episode we’ll find out if Sally is intelligent or entitled

    I’m hoping that Taritha is recording all this, audio and video.
    I’m figuring that after this dinner meeting, Ser Slimy will start
    casting lies in an attempt to get the Wolf Empire in “trouble”
    with the Core.

    Is there a parallel to Serenity’s Mr Universe, communications central?
    “Can’t stop the signal, Mal. Everything goes somewhere,
    and I go everywhere.”
    And have Taritha either b’cast, or threaten to b’cast, this meeting.
    Show the rest of the planets (core and fringe) what their overlords
    REALLY think of them. Stir the pot. Upset the status quo.

    • The Pride was already in trouble when it was discovered they
      were trading in the Fringe worlds, so I kinda doubt that would
      have much effect. The entire Imperial Merchant Marine fleet is at
      risk so being escorted and heavily armed is a must. This was the
      core’s last-ditch effort to take them out and it’s failed. Taritha is
      making that clear to him and offering an out to save face.

    • Aw crap, so the SJL has infiltrated literature now…
      Just like when they decided that cartoons were
      hurting/teaching the children with violence…
      All the while turning a blind eye to bulling in schools.

  5. >along those lines, I have a special offer for you

    Will Slinom take that as something for him to gain status
    within the Hammerheads? Or get all huffy about a bribery attempt?

    Bad enough the Fringe are “defecting”. Is this a wedge just
    appearing from inside the Core?

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