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  1. Sorry about the delayed posting. Had some trouble last night.
    I need more readers, anybody have any suggestions?
    That don’t cost anything…

  2. petercat-i have been reading this comic for a long time. currently logged in. I dont have a clue how to generate traffic, other than good marketing. I vote for The Gentle Wolf on Top Web Comics 6.5 days a week, sometimes from different machines. (I can tell you David Hobbs is getting old-LOL) But readership is just one aspect. Money is another. I am sure this site is costing you, yet I cannot find a way to donate. I noticed recently that the site is loading very slowly. Are you pushing your data limits?
    Click on “shop”, and there is nothing to buy. Member content is sparse. Can this be worked on?
    send me a link and ill donate to help, but marketing is he key.

    • I haven’t heard from my web guy for a while, he was going to make and list the merchandise.
      There’s supposed to be a PayPal donation button, but I can’t see it.
      As far as the slow loading, I’m going to try updating the wordpress software and addons later tonight, to see if that helps… But I’m afraid it will screw things up beyond recall.
      Just finished backing the site up, in fact.
      So what kind of merchandise would everyone like?

  3. Ditto for me as well Rick. I vote 7 days a week. As far as monetary contributions, how do we do that. I have just finished reading the whole comic again start to finish. You are doing a great job, but that does not seem to bring readers. I cannot help there either. How are you coming with merchandise? I don’t know if having it, would help or not.

    • Thanks for the support, please read my response to Rick above.

  4. i don’t know about the cost,,, but a lot of comics are switching (posted in two places.) to “Webtoon.” …
    an yes i vote every day.. in the am tho..

    an wow,, that lady is so like my mom… would be a good time to bring up Chira (both sides.) with the war coming,, an her being a blue.. she needs to git out of there..!!! cuz you know, if the raiders (bad guys) see her.. shes gone…

  5. t-shirts for a start. Something depicting a “gentle” K selected wolf. Or the original four in movie poster style

  6. Have you thought about getting business cards made up and spreading them around? Good art work and the URL should do it. That’s marketing on the cheap

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